How to Make Digital Textile Paper?

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How to Make Digital Textile Paper?

Digital textile paper, as know as sublimation paper. With a special thermal transfer ink to print a variety of patterns in a special paper above, and then through the temperature and pressure to the pattern and then transferred to the product. It’s amazing, no? Today we are going to introduce how to make digital textile paper.

Sublimation paper is based on the normal based paper, and then making a special coating on it so that under the heat transfer, the patterns and be transferred on to the surface you want.

digital textile paper

What’s the Coating of Digital Textile Paper?

Sublimation coating is a functional part of sublimation transfer paper, it plays several important roles at the same time, like absorb the sublimation ink, separate the sublimation dye and the base paper to prevent the sublimation dye from penetrating into the base paper, and absorb the water in the sublimation ink. The third function is the drying process.

sublimation transfer paper In sublimation coating, there is a part named “water removal layer”, this part helps dealing with the drying of the paper, after the sublimation paper is printed. We use water-based sublimation ink, means the carrier is water. Only when the water is gone, all the sublimation dyes stay at the surface, the sublimation transfer result will be as good as you expected. That’s why we always emphasis that the sublimation paper should be completely dry when you transfer it, otherwise the transfer result will not be good, because all the sublimation dye is unable to transferred to the textile when the paper is still wet.

How to Make the Coating on the Based Paper?

dye sublimation paper Sublimation paper coating machine Mainly include single station release paper unit, blade coating, pneumatic open type hot air drying system, back coating wet Mizube, dryer coherent states finishing department, two roll calender machines, single station automatic correction reel, drive unit and electrical control nine parts. Drives with frequency step motor drive. The sublimation coating machine has a simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, loss of paper rate, etc. With this machine, we can make the sublimation transfer paper of high quality.

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