The Features And Tips Of The Pigment Ink

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The Features And Tips Of The Pigment Ink

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The pigment ink is very popular in the market now, do you know pigment ink? Particularly, what is the characteristic and precautions about the pigment ink ? lets talk about it.

In the complexities of the rise of the advertising industry, inkjet printer  increasingly favored by the advertising industry. Why?The reason is that strong expressive power, broad application prospects and cheaper cost, more convenient and efficient production processes relative to other media. At the same time, it is now widely used in posters, light boxes, display rack and other fields.

pigment ink

In the market, the pigment ink and dye sublimation ink is widely used by clients. What is the difference between the two?

The Pigment Ink And Dye Sublimation Ink

1. Physical properties

Pigment ink overcomes the photochemical activity of the dye sublimation ink because the pigment used as a precipitate of the dye or an inert material similar to sand. By the way, it’s leg color and change is extremely slow, outdoor can not fade for a long time.

2.Technological aspects

Dye ink in the outdoor light will quickly fade, only suitable for indoor use, and not scratch, not waterproof. Besides, the use of solvent-based pigment ink, without film can have three years of weathering, eliminating the need for cumbersome coating and coating process, where achieved in short delivery times.

dye sublimation ink

3. Investment costs

The use of pigment ink without the need for processing machinery and materials, but also without special coating of printed materials. By the way, it can direct printing, direct use. More importantly, it can reduce costs.

4. Print efficiency

Solvent-based printers feature new print heads that dramatically improve printer performance. However,  in line with the trend of international advertising and inkjet printing, pigment ink is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, the product itself is constantly improving to stimulate domestic enterprises to study  pigment ink.

sublimation ink

The tips about the pigment ink

1.  CAMRY Solvent Pigment Ink C.M.Y.K.Lc.Lm. Available in C, M, Y, K 4 color combinations .C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm 6 color combinations.

2. CAMRY Solvent Pigment Inks, 6 colors according to Mimaki origin ink color production.It is not advisable to use other brands of one or several colors inks mixed.

3. Boxed ink can stored for a period of one year and saving within six months after opening

4. The use of ink jet color level and the nature of the consumables great. However,  different manufacturers of supplies in the same ICC profile picture color hierarchy may vary greatly.It is recommended that customers first test after use.



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