As we all know, a lot of factories will not coat both sides of the heat transfer paper, so there […]
Sometimes when we print sublimation paper and transfer it, it has a problem that we destroyed the printed sublimation transfer […]
More and more people like to buy sublimation transfer paper rolls. There are two main reasons for they more willing […]
If you hear the word GSM in a conversation related to the sublimation printing process, you can be pretty certain […]
Sublimation paper is applicable to sublimation transfer, on which can print images with mirror reversal through inkjet printing, flat printing, […]
   Sublimation paper has the printing side, do you know it? Many customers told me that their printing quality is poor, […]
   What determine the quality of the sublimation paper? It is the coating. The better coating usually means higher quality sublimation […]
3.Drying Problems Ink drying problem can cause unwanted results. If the ink is not dry on paper during production with […]