How To Store The Printed Sublimation Transfer Paper ?

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How To Store The Printed Sublimation Transfer Paper ?

Sometimes when we print sublimation paper and transfer it, it has a problem that we destroyed the printed sublimation transfer paper so the transfer effect and transfer rate is bad. Here’re some tips for you to place the printed transfer paper in the good place.

sublimation transfer paper

1) Print a good transfer paper, try to do rehearsal storage.

2) Print a good transfer paper, you can put a loose plastic bag roll up after the vertical, plastic bags open to facilitate the transfer of water in the paper to the air volatile.

3) The printed paper is preferably stored in a low humidity environment (humidity ≤55% RH; temperature 15-30 ° C), which facilitates the evaporation of moisture in the transfer paper.

4) Print a good transfer paper, the general requirements in an hour after the transfer, try to store 5 hours later after the transfer, until it can be transferred to dry after drying, if there is no dry to transfer, Moisture at high temperatures will become a steam interference transfer effect, making the aerosol, color and so on. To ensure that each batch of pattern drying degree close to the same color. (Transferring immediately after printing will result in a decrease in transfer rate.)

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Why People More Willing To Buy Sublimation Paper Rolls Compared To Paper Sheets?

More and more people like to buy sublimation transfer paper rolls. There are two main reasons for they more willing to buy roll sublimation paper now.

First, jumbo roll sublimation paper can save much time of workers loading time. Normally sublimation paper jumbo roll with 2000m-5000m length. With industrail printer like MS JP4, Reggiani, the printing speed very quick, if only 500m roll, will be print quickly. You know industrial printer need long time to load the paper.

sublimation paper roll

Second, light weight transfer paper will be the trend in later sublimation printing, with the development of sublimation ink, theprinting speed will be much quicker. Light paper with higher transfer release, which save much of running cost, all paper user like it.

Third, same meter paper by a jumbo roll have litter volume, which save many of shipping cost, from paper user side. Then to paper maker side, will save many of packing cost.

As the industrial printer have strict demands for paper. People always meet paper not smooth, and dry not quick.

In this condition, you could choose good quality sublimation paper. And the best temperature for sublimation paper is about 20 degree centigrade. The suitable humidity is about 50-65%. Also we found humidity is the mean reason. So when you cut your sublimation paper next time, try to control the humidity by humidifier or air conditioner.

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At the mean time, we don’t suggest use sublimation paper after the paper exposed in the air for a long time. As the humidity change will also make paper curl.When the sublimation paper opened, it is best to run out as soon as possible.

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Dye Sublimation Paper: How to Determine Different Weight Should Use?

If you hear the word GSM in a conversation related to the sublimation printing process, you can be pretty certain that it is the thickness of the transfer paper that is being discussed. The significance of this word is the weight per square meter of the dye sublimation paper. Though we believe that heavy weight sublimation paper have a better quality, the weight of the paper can’t be the only indicator to judge the paper’s quality. And do you know how to determine different weight of sublimation paper should use? 😉

dye sublimation paper


58gsm sublimation transfer paper is dedicated to the latest high-speed digital printers. This kind of paper can help eliminate head strikes to reduce the consumption of ink with fine detail definition and color gradient transition will be more smooth during printing. If the textile requires little ink , such as summer clothes , you should choose 58g sublimation paper.

sublimation paper


75gsm-80gsm dye sublimation paper is your best choice in the humidity under 45%. Because in low humidity, the paper shrinks, and the print side is hunched-up. During the process, the paper absorbs ink, which leads to the “hunch-up”. 75gsm-80gsm is softer, it could relief the “hunch-up” and protect your print-head from damage.

110-120gsm sublimation printing paper should be used in the humidity above 70%. Since the paper is very easy to become damp with a high humidity, it will become softer and stiffness is weak at the same time. If low weight paper is used, it will be hard to print smoothly because of the stiffness and hardness go down.

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