Several Elements that Affect the Quality of Sublimation Transfer Printing

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Several Elements that Affect the Quality of Sublimation Transfer Printing

In the actual production process,many negligent details may lead to defects in the quality of our products. What do we need to pay attention to when printing? Today, we will analyze several Fundamental Elements that affect the quality of sublimation transfer printing.

1.The ink

The sublimation transfer printing ink is the key material sublimation transfer printing technology. It is mainly composed of disperse dye, connection material, solvent and a small amount of additives. Dyes requires good sublimation transfer resistance and permeability. It has achieved the fastness. Sublimation temperature is 180-240 ℃, and suitable for printing.The sublimation transfer printing ink is the key material sublimation transfer printing technology. Sublimation temperature is 180-240 ℃, then will be suitable for printing. The heat sublimation ink color is clear with good quality, the stability is strong and the transfer effect is good. At present, the ink have 2 kinds-water-based and solvent-based. The solvent thermal sublimation ink is mainly used in wide spraying machine. It solves the problem of inkjet printing speed and width. The sublimation ink quality directly affects the quality of the product. Therefore, choosing high quality thermal sublimation ink is very important.

sublimation transfer paper

2.The temperature and time

The temperature and time thermal sublimation transfer printing technology is to control the temperature of 180 ~ 230 ℃ range. Transfer time is about 10-30s. At the same time also pay attention to the temperature and the reasonable allocation of time.

3.The pressure

Pressure is also one of the important parameters of heat sublimation transfer printing technology. For example, if the pressure is too small, big gap will occur between fabric and transfer paper, then will occur yarn assumes the circular, ink gas molecule collisions with a lot of air and dissipation. It will lead to poor effect, also easy to ink bled, line coarsen and decorative pattern design, fuzzy, visual effect is worse. If pressure is appropriate , yarn is flat, and appropriate gap between transfer paper and transfer printing fabric shading effect will be good. The pattern is clear, smooth fine lines. If pressure is too large, it will prone to deformation, burr and morphological changes in thick fabric, shortcomings and so on superficial feel hard and staining.

sublimation printing

Of course, in addition to ink, temperature, time and pressure will affect the quality of the sublimation transfer printing, there are some other issues worthy of our attention. Our company has sublimation transfer paper, ink, printer and other accessories in sale. If you have any demand, please feel free to contact us.

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Chromatic Aberration In Thermal Transfer Printing

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In the process of  transfer printing, chromatic aberration is more prominent. Generally speaking, chromatic aberration mainly in the following situations:

transfer printing

1. There is a difference in the color of the head and tail after transfer.  Naturally, color changes gradually from front to back.

2. Color uneven after transfer and chromatic aberration appear randomly.

3. In the day and night days, there is color in the transfer of the finished product.

4. Floral type is not prone to color. Besides, if the background is gray, brown, rice and other sensitive colors, the chromatic aberration is more obvious.

How to solve the chromatic aberration problems In Transfer Printing

sublimation paper

 1. choose high quality sublimation ink

Good quality ink should have a wide range of color gamut, good printing fluency, excellent fastness and environmental performance. At the same time, inks need to have the following properties:

First, Ink uniformity is good and the amount of fuel contained in each drop of ink is as uniform as possible with the fuel particle size. In combination with the transfer paper and absorb the drying process, the fuel as much as possible to remain in the coating surface. Secondly, ink has good stability, easy to save. Standing for a long time is not prone to sedimentation and stratification. Finally, the inks need to have physical properties that are highly compatible with the job requirements of an adaptable print head.

transfer paper

 2. Select the appropriate transfer paper

Transfer paper uniformity and moisture control is beneficial for  the absorption of color. If the uneven surface of the transfer paper will result in continuous production of the target area of the same color patch of paper surface of the amount of unstable dye, affect the migration of dye transfer, the formation of color. On the other hand, The excessive unevenness of the moisture content of the transfer paper will affect the heating rate during the transfer process, which in turn will affect the dye transfer effect and cause color difference.

 3. To ensure the stability of the production environment

In general, unstable humidity will directly result in uneven moisture content of the transfer paper, affecting the transfer effect.

transfer printing

 4.Keep transferring printing equipment in a stable condition

Printer signal instability or nozzle aging will also affect the jet droplet morphology and droplet volume, affecting the amount of dye application.

 5. Pay attention to the quality of the fabric

After transfer, grease stains left on the fabric, stains, uneven white cloth at high temperatures will often have similar problems before and after the color. Certainly, this situation is relatively rare, but it is also a part that needs attention.


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The Benefits Of Transfer Sublimation Paper

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In the thermal transfer printing equipment, novice for the first printing industry will heat transfer technology to raise these questions: What are the characteristics?
What is its purpose? In the transfer process, how to make the thermal
transfer paper in the transfer process to achieve the best condition?

sublimation transfer printing

The heat transfer technology in the current market develop rapidly. It is
because the entire industry is developing fast, and we need to focus on
the choice of paper raw materials. In the process of selection of raw
materials is the need to choose the best, that is good for the ultimate impact.

Now many occasions are beginning to use thermal transfer paper to print. it can
not only use to synthesize common fiber fabric, but some natural fiber
printing or blends fabric can use thermal transfer printing.

sublimation pritning

What are the main advantages of transfer PRINTING?

The biggest advantage of thermal transfer paper on the environmental protection
is very short. So it is a very green and environmentally friendly products.

In the process of the entire process, time is also very short, basically
printed is a complete finished product, do not need special post-processing.
Another thermal transfer paper manufacturers produce thermal transfer paper is
usually very fine pattern and has a strong sense of art, which is a lot of ordinary
printing can not be compared with. And we see the thermal transfer printing
paper color is also very fresh, so the ultimate result is not to cause contamination
of the fabric.

Here is the advantage of the transfer printing. if you want to contact us: CLICK HERE

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