Factors that Influence the Printing Effect of UV Flatbed Printer

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Factors that Influence the Printing Effect of UV Flatbed Printer

The success of a perfect product is inseparable from all aspects of precision cooperation, such as the UV flatbed printer itself, the quality of UV inks, printing ways, etc.

1.The curve of the ICC color management

In the process of its main function is to correct the print or print color deviation, in the process of transforming color accurately as far as possible, to get real high quality. The effect of a mature and stable universal uv printer, the number of ICC curve between 10-14, lack of corresponding precision under the ICC curve, can cause printing design colour deviation.

2.The diameter of the printhead orifice

Each nozzle has its fixed orifice diameter, nozzle, such as seiko GS1024 for 7 pl nozzle hole diameter; KM1024 sprinkler nozzle hole diameter 14-42 (pl), ejected drops or the former only the half or the one sixth of the later,which can make the design effect more exquisite. If they are under the same nozzle hole diameter, such as GEN4 orifice diameter (pl) 7, because which does not have the gray gradient, GS1024 compared, the effect will be 20% difference.

3.Pass the way of printing

In the case of other conditions unchanged, pass way of numerical value, the greater the printing effect will be better. 8 pass <12 pass < 16 pass < 32 pass, of course, with the increase in the value of pass way, printing speed will gradually decline. Generally 8 pass for universal printer production mode, under the 720dpi * 720 dpi.

4.The quality of the UV ink

The quality of the UV ink in addition to the affected by the internal pigment molecules, but also the purity of the whole. If pigment molecules unsaturated, not abundant, the patterns of the printed color performance will be lack of color, soft; If the purity of the whole is poorer, too much internal impurities, on the one hand, will shorten the service life of nozzle, on the other hand, affect the design quality.

5.The substrates themselves

Substrates its physical characteristics and chemical properties to a large extent affect the effect of universal printer. Strong adsorption materials, for example, the dosage of ink will exceed 20% of the conventional 40% if it is dark material, surface need to pave white mostly, otherwise the overall effect of the pattern will look bleak.

6.The technician of proficiency

Technicians on equipment proficiency will directly influence the final effect, it also requires the choice of universal printer, need 5-10 days of training in factory , color software, photo software, mechanical parts, print control software maintenance course, only to master the skills, can the quality guaranteed.

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What Do You Know about Chinese UV Printer?

   Chinese UV flatbed printer is originated from abroad, but the UV flatbed printer walks into various industrial is in China. At present, China produces more than 95% of UV flatbed printers in the world. So what about Chinese UV flatbed printers?

UV flatbed printer

   1. How about the quality?


   The quality for different Chinese UV flatbed printers are different. Large printer manufacturers have more experiences in developing new technology, and their UV flatbed printers always have a good quality.

   2. How about the printing quality

   For the printing quality, it is same as the printer quality. Big factories has more money to develop the technology, and can make test all the time until the best result come out.Chinese UV flatbed printer

   3. How about the working efficiency

   China has the world’s largest manufacturer of UV flatbed printers, which can produce a full range of models, but different UV printer manufacturers may use different boards and software, plus different manufacturers’ nozzles, so the efficiency is also different. But the efficiency of the Chinese UV flatbed printer can fully meet the needs of UV printing processing.

   We are a professional manufacturer in China, and our UV flatbed has been sold all over the world. Welcome to contact us for more information.


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What Will Influence the Normal Work of UV Flatbed Printer?

   UV printers are sophisticated machines, so what factors affect the printing result? These five factors we have to be noted.ORIC UF6045-DX5 UV Flatbed Printer

   1. Operator’s operational skills
   Operators are required to receive professional training to print high-precision finished products. At this point, consumers can request training and technical guidance from UV flatbed printer manufacturers when purchasing UV flatbed printers.

   2. Uneven coating of the layer
   If the coating of the UV flatbed printer is not uniform, it will affect the final printing result.For some materials, a special coating is needed for better printing.Mimaki UJF-A3HG

   3. Ink quality
   The quality of the UV ink also affects the print quality. Different machines and different models are suitable for different UV inks, so it is best to use the ink recommended by the manufacturer.

   4. Professional degree of operatorapplications of UV printing

   The professional degree of operator will also influence the printing quality. The UV ink itself reacts with the printed material and will penetrate a certain percentage. Different materials penetrate different degrees, so the operator’s familiarity with the printed material will affect the final result of printing.


   5. The factors of the photo itself
   The higher the pixel size of the image itself, the better the printed effect. On the contrary, the low-quality image cannot achieve high-quality effects even if the image is retouched.

   Understanding the factors which may influence the printing quality can not only hep improving the printing quality, but also conducive to consumers to choose a better UV flatbed printer.

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