What’s the Purpose of Adding a Coating on UV Flatbed Printer?

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What’s the Purpose of Adding a Coating on UV Flatbed Printer?

UV flatbed printerUV flatbed printer UV printing technology is bringing a quiet revolution to advertising, painting and other industries due to the diversity of printable materials. On many transparent materials, such as glass and acrylic plates, a common printing technique is to add a white coating after UV color printing to give off vivid colors of the picture. Usually this layer of white back coating is made by a special nozzle on the printer to spray white UV ink. During our contact with customers, we found that after printing for a period of time, this layer of white ink will crack and cause pattern damage.

The main factor of white ink cracking is that the UV white ink has low strength and is relatively brittle. At the same time, due to the different thermal expansion coefficient of the ink layer and the substrate, the ink layer is stretched during the process of UV flatbed printerheating up the temperature of the material. UV curing technology has been developed in the past 20 years. Its main advantages are fast curing and environmental protection. The disadvantages are also obvious. Because the curing is fast, the internal stress of the material is relatively large and the strength is not high. This problem is even more pronounced in white ink. Usually, in order to achieve a certain coverage rate, white ink usually contains a relatively large amount of whitening filler such as titanium dioxide. The presence of these fillers will further reduce the toughness of the ink. Therefore, to avoid cracks caused by white ink, higher toughness materials should be selected.

There are two main types of flat printer coating, one is flat printer coating, the other is UV flatbed printer coating. No matter what the coating’s role is in the adhesion of the ink.

1.Flat Printer Coating

There are many kinds of flat printer coating. They are roughly divided into two categories according to the different printing materials: one is the metal coating. One is ABS coating.

  • The metal coating is mainly divided into metal 4000-metal 5000. The materials used for this type of coating are ceramic tile, glass and metal. All materials with high surface density need metal coating.
  • ABS coating, mainly divided into 22800, BL-BH. This type of coating is for acrylic, PVC, ABS and the like surface density is not large.
  • The other is some of the more special coatings, such as melamine coating, silicone coating. Because these materials are special, special coatings are used.
    1. UV flatbed printer coating

UV flatbed printerGenerally speaking, UV flatbed printers do not use coatings. But they still need to be coated with a layer of coating when they come into contact with metal. The coating of UV flatbed printers is rubbed. The main purpose of rubbing coating is to adsorb and clean the surface. Mainly due to the density of the surface of the metal, glass, tile is too large. And the ink can not completely penetrate into the inside, so you need a layer of coating.

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How to Deal with the Strike Problem of UV Flatbed Printer

UV flatbed printerAs we all know, UV flatbed printers need to connect to computers and use assisted picture processing software to print out products. In this process, there are many areas that need to pay attention. Once any mistake occurs, the entire printing process will show a false stoppage. Although there was no problem with the machine, nothing could be printed and the time was delayed. We summed up some problems that may encounter and handling methods that caused the UV flatbed printer to shut down.

  1. Keep printer online

If the UV flatbed printer is not online, it is naturally unable to print. The printer is not like the U disk that just plug it in to work. In the UV flatbed printer, there is a “online key”. For this online key, it is not just simply click on it to work. For the humane use of the description, the online key needs long press about 3 seconds to start work. When the UV flatbed printer is unable to print properly, please confirm that it is successfully connected.

  1. Restart the printer

If the UV flatbed printer is online but still unable to print the document. At the moment, there are many kinds of processing methods. The simplest one is to restart. People who use computers often can have such habits. When the computer is very UV flatbed printerstuck and slow, and it cannot work normally and efficiently, it can be restarted. It will save time and effort. The UV flatbed printer is also the same. In a long-term high-load operation, no matter if it is a computer end or a printer memory, a lot of data is accumulated. These redundant data may cause the printing to be unsuccessful. The simplest method is to “Restart” it like using a computer so that it can work normally and efficiently.

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Several Tips For Choosing About UV Flatbed Printer

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About UV flatbed printer, we often see a lot of very strong sense of color patterns. Generally speaking, they make a great contribution to the exchange of printing industry. Here some tips for you to choose printers?

UV flatbed printer

About Flatbed Printer

Whether it is a simple flat-panel color patch pattern, or full-color patterns or over-color patterns, it completed one time. Besides, in the operation of the printing process without plate, no copy and repeat chromatography. Furthermore, UV faltbed printer has a wide range of applications.

Tips For Choosing About UV Flatbed Printer

1. Firstly, In the process of selecting a printer, we must first look at the printer manufacturer or technology service providers. Moreover, If you choose a network provider, you have to look to change the network platform whether through the official real-name certification.


2. Look at your choice of printer for the fabric. In general, the printer to apply a variety of fabrics, such us cotton, linen, polyester.

3. Print head with long acceptance times and no encryption are the best choices when choosing print head. (encrypted print head can waste a lot of money)

4. The production speed of the printer is an important factor.

5. When printer continuous work, the mechanical part is stable indicate you choose is right.

6. Fabric continuous printing is smooth and not easy to wrinkle.

7. Print width is consistent with your product, wide range of printers if not suitable for your product will bring you a lot of difficulties.

8. Is it possible to make wood, glass, crystal, PVC, ABS, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, leather, cloth, and other textiles.

9.Print images are gorgeous vivid, there is no strong color fastness.

flatbed printer

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