Eco-solvent Ink and UV Ink, How Many You Know?

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Eco-solvent Ink and UV Ink, How Many You Know?

   Eco-solvent ink has been widely used in advertisement printing, and it take up a large market share. UV ink just be known in recently years, and becomes more and more popular because of it’s wide applications.

eco-solvent  printing

   Eco-solvent ink has s a strong ability to adapt to the outdoor environment, waterproof, UV protection, good color reproduction, good image quality, and more in line with the theme of environment ink

   UV ink can be used to print on many materials directly without any coating treatment, simple, convenient and practical. In addition, the eco-solvent ink cannot be mixed with the white ink, so there is no way to print the products with embossed feel.UV ink

   It is also because of the different nature of UV ink and eco-solvent ink, they have different using methods and can be used in different files .When you need to buy ink, whether it is eco-solvent ink or UV ink, you must choose the original ink or recommended ink of the manufacturer, so that since there is quality assurance, it also provides convenience for after-sales service.

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Is UV Ink Environmentally Friendly& How to Minimize the Harm

UV ink is more environmentally friendly than traditional printing pigment (solid, liquid and powdery). Especially when printed on the surface of the material for up to UV ink12 hours, it is almost odorless and can be directly exposed by the skin. But it still contains a small amount of toxicity. After all, the composition of the ink contains chemicals.

We need to understand that the more cheaper the inferior UV ink is, the more toxic it is. Compared to the imported high-end UV ink, the toxic damage can reach 10 times or even higher.

The harm of UV ink is mainly  in two aspects:
1.The corrosiveness of the ink:
A few people is sensitive to the skin. After contact with the UV ink, rashes and allergies may occur. It is necessary to wash and rub the ointment in time. If you accidentally splash into your eyes, flush it with clean water immediately.

irritating ordor

2. The odor of ink is irritating:
Some people, especially those with sensitive rhinitis and respiratory tract inflammation, are easily irritated and cause discomfort.

The solutions:
1.Keep the indoor ventilationsmooth. Do not install the UV printer in a closed and ventilated place;
2. If conditions permit, you can isolate the UV printer operating room separately;
3.If there is no separate conditions, choose to wear masks to filter;
4.Technicians should exercise more daily, eat more fruits, pay attention to diet and so on. This will improve their immunity.

UV printing

Whether it is the operator or the user itself, there is no need to worry too much about the UV ink. This is within the acceptable range of the human body and there are few cases of discomfort. If you are a woman during pregnancy, we recommend that you do not operate the device.

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The Types and Characteristics of UV Ink

For those who use UV flatbed printers and have just entered this industry, they may don’t know the types and characteristics of UV ink.Today,we are introducing it for you.

UV printer

1.Water-based ink

The cost of water-based ink is very low with no pollution and the color is very bright. But due to the slow evaporation rate of water, the screen of sprayed water-based ink is not easy to dry and is absorbed by the medium.

2.Solvent-based ink

Eco-solvent ink is a kind of intermediate between water and oil. It can be sprayed on the media to print on the coating, so that the effect is bright, adhesion is very strong! However, solvent-based inks have no white ink (white ink is immature). Printing on dark media is a big problem.

UV ink

3.UV ink

As a special solvent UV ink, it cures immediately after exposed to UV light, firmly adheres to the surface of the media, and does not dissolve in water or other organic solvents. It is very suitable for UV printer users.

On the one hand, it solves the problem that water-based ink is not easy to dry, it also solves the huge defect that the Eco-solvent ink cannot print white ink.And it can also print embossed embossing and other effects, which greatly expands the application field of ink-jet technology and enables UV flatbed printers.  Any material can directly print, but the ink is also defective. There is no water-based ink and weak solvent ink in the curing ink from beginning to end. The ink is bright and bright, so the user must buy the UV ink with the product they are printing. It is more appropriate to combine and discriminate which kind of ink one should buy in order to avoid unnecessary trouble and cost.

sublimation printing

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