UV Printer & Eco-solvent Printer, Which One is suitable for you?

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UV Printer & Eco-solvent Printer, Which One is suitable for you?

What relationship between UV printer and Eco-solvent printer?

About the UV printer, it is developed from the Eco-solvent printer.People add the UV system ( cooling system and LED UV Lamp ) into the normal multifunction flatbed printer, and add the UV ink, and then it become to the UV flatbed printer.

UV printer and eco-solvent printer


If you want to print out white color,you should choose UV printer. Compare with Eco-solvent printer, UV printer have high quality white UV ink. Eco-solvent printer use specified Eco-solvent ink, if you use Eco solvent ink print white color,this ink can damage and clog print head.

Although Eco-solvent print have not white color,but it has 6 color and 8 color, so the printed pictures by Eco-solvent printer will be more vivid and colorful.

UV ink

2.Quick dry

Compare with Eco-solvent print, UV print can made Chemical reaction with the LED UV light,so it can dry at once. But Eco-solvent print need dry under than high temperature. So,after you printing, you will need heat your products,or wait about two hours for drying under the normal temperature(28 degree). If the customer is not high on the speed of the request can choose to Eco-solvent print.

sublimation printing


For some materials,such us mental, wood, glass. UV print can print directly.But Eco-solvent print need spray coating. It can help the Eco-solvent ink being absorbed on your products surface.therefore, Eco-solvent print process will be a little trouble.



As stated above,we all know that the printer, from the application is divided into indoor and outdoor two kinds. for UV printer, it suitable for outdoor wall advertising and signboards, UV printer can resist strong weather, waterproof and anti sunlight. Indoor printer is Eco-solvent printer.,mainly used make indoor posters,display boards ect. Eco-solvent printer especially suitable for shopping malls and indoor advertising.


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