The Types and Characteristics of UV Ink

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The Types and Characteristics of UV Ink

For those who use UV flatbed printers and have just entered this industry, they may don’t know the types and characteristics of UV ink.Today,we are introducing it for you.

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1.Water-based ink

The cost of water-based ink is very low with no pollution and the color is very bright. But due to the slow evaporation rate of water, the screen of sprayed water-based ink is not easy to dry and is absorbed by the medium.

2.Solvent-based ink

Eco-solvent ink is a kind of intermediate between water and oil. It can be sprayed on the media to print on the coating, so that the effect is bright, adhesion is very strong! However, solvent-based inks have no white ink (white ink is immature). Printing on dark media is a big problem.

UV ink

3.UV ink

As a special solvent UV ink, it cures immediately after exposed to UV light, firmly adheres to the surface of the media, and does not dissolve in water or other organic solvents. It is very suitable for UV printer users.

On the one hand, it solves the problem that water-based ink is not easy to dry, it also solves the huge defect that the Eco-solvent ink cannot print white ink.And it can also print embossed embossing and other effects, which greatly expands the application field of ink-jet technology and enables UV flatbed printers.  Any material can directly print, but the ink is also defective. There is no water-based ink and weak solvent ink in the curing ink from beginning to end. The ink is bright and bright, so the user must buy the UV ink with the product they are printing. It is more appropriate to combine and discriminate which kind of ink one should buy in order to avoid unnecessary trouble and cost.

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