What Will Influence the Normal Work of UV Flatbed Printer?

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What Will Influence the Normal Work of UV Flatbed Printer?

   UV printers are sophisticated machines, so what factors affect the printing result? These five factors we have to be noted.ORIC UF6045-DX5 UV Flatbed Printer

   1. Operator’s operational skills
   Operators are required to receive professional training to print high-precision finished products. At this point, consumers can request training and technical guidance from UV flatbed printer manufacturers when purchasing UV flatbed printers.

   2. Uneven coating of the layer
   If the coating of the UV flatbed printer is not uniform, it will affect the final printing result.For some materials, a special coating is needed for better printing.Mimaki UJF-A3HG

   3. Ink quality
   The quality of the UV ink also affects the print quality. Different machines and different models are suitable for different UV inks, so it is best to use the ink recommended by the manufacturer.

   4. Professional degree of operatorapplications of UV printing

   The professional degree of operator will also influence the printing quality. The UV ink itself reacts with the printed material and will penetrate a certain percentage. Different materials penetrate different degrees, so the operator’s familiarity with the printed material will affect the final result of printing.


   5. The factors of the photo itself
   The higher the pixel size of the image itself, the better the printed effect. On the contrary, the low-quality image cannot achieve high-quality effects even if the image is retouched.

   Understanding the factors which may influence the printing quality can not only hep improving the printing quality, but also conducive to consumers to choose a better UV flatbed printer.

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What Do You Know About UV Printing?

   As UV printing becomes more and more popular, how many you know about this technology?

roland lef20

   Compared with traditional printing, the similar place is that they all use inks. The difference is that in traditional printing, the ink dries absorbs into the transfer  paper and evaporates into the air, while UV inks dry from being exposed to ultra-violet lights that almost instantly turn the liquid ink into a solid.

   There are many advantages of UV printing:

   1. There is little to no absorption into the stock, meaning less bleeds and a tighter more controlled print.applications of roland lef20

   2.The applications of UV printing is much more than the traditional printing. UV printing can be applied to full color print on non traditional materials such as wood, plastic and metal. We are also able to print a spot gloss as well.


   3.Finally we can pair this unique form of printing with our laser engraving to create one of the most unique business available.

   With the development of the UV printer, i suggest you try to learn more about this technology if you are doing printing business.

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Rioch print headDuring the use of a digital UV printer, there may be a print head clogging situation, resulting in abnormal printing. How to clean UV printing head become an important topic of printer users. Because most of our machines use Ricoh printheads. Now, let’s talk about how to clean Ricoh print head.

From the overall structure of Ricoh print head, we can see that it has two filters and two exhaust pipes on a Ricoh print head, and one printhead has two color channels. It is to say, one filter and one exhaust pipe control one color channels. Ricoh printhead cleaning steps are as bellow:

Step 1: Remove the whole printhead (including filters) from the UV printer and unscrew the plug of one exhaust pipe.

Step 2: Use a syringe to draw cleaning fluid and inject the fluid into the printhead from filter on the same side of the exhaust pipe. The cleaning fluid and ink will flow out from the exhaust pipe opened.

Step 3: Repeat the above operations several times until the liquid flowing out is transparent.

UV printer

Step 4: Draw a tube a air and inject it into the same filter, and then screw on the lid of the exhaust pipe after the residual liquid is discharge.

Step 5: Draw cleaning liquid and inject it from the same filter, and the cleaning liquid will flow from the nozzles this time.

Step 6: After the liquid that flows from the nozzles becomes transparent, and then inject air the filter to discharge the residual liquid, just like the way we mentioned above.

Step 7: Clean the another print color channel with the same method.

Step 8: After the cleaning is finished, clean the printhead surface with a clean dust-free cloth.

Notice: During the cleaning process, don’t let the cleaning liquid contact with the plug of the nozzle cable.

Printing heads is the most core component of a digital UV printer, a good maintenance of printhead can improve the machine’s use experience, be conducive to the smooth progress of printing business, as well as extend the working life of the print head. Not only for Ricoh print heads, but also for all kinds of other UV printing heads.

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