How To Test The Stability Of UV Printing Ink?

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How To Test The Stability Of UV Printing Ink?

Ink is the consumable of UV printer, and it is also the basic element of printing. Without ink, you can’t print. The quality of ink determines the printing effect and also affects the UV printer itself. A large part of the quality of ink is determined by the stability. If the stability is poor, the quality of ink is bound to be poor. So how to test the stability of UV printing ink?

We summed up some practical UV printing ink stability testing methods and here we share some simple selection methods with you.

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1. High temperature test

Put the UV printer ink in a high temperature environment (55 ℃ – 70 ℃) for one week, and then return to room temperature of 20-25 ℃ for 24 hours. Carry out continuous printing test on the computer for no less than one hour. It is required that the ink keep line and color changing during continuous printing.

2. Low temperature test

Put the UV printer ink in a low temperature environment (- 37 ℃ – 46 ℃) for one week, then return to room temperature 20-25 ℃ for 24 hours, and conduct at least one hour of online continuous printing test. It is required that the ink should be continuous without discoloration during continuous printing.

UV printer ink for high and low temperature test, because the ink placed in extreme high or low temperature environment can accelerate the instability exposure of the ink, but also can test the stability of the ink transportation and storage in high and low temperature environment for a long time.

3. Distinguish ink taste

There are two indexes to evaluate the odor of UV printer ink. One is the odor during construction. The main source is the residual solvent in UV ink. Under normal conditions, the residual solvent is less than 2%. Under special circumstances, for example, the UV ink in cigarette pack is required to be less than 0. 5%.

However, with the rapid rise of oil price, many suppliers have added a lot of solvents, such as alcohol and toluene, to reduce the cost of UV ink, up to 25%, which is not conducive to the long-term development of UV printer ink and environmental protection.

Another index to evaluate the odor of UV printer ink is that the odor of UV ink after construction will not disappear even if it is placed for a long time.

4. Observe ink color

UV printer ink is sensitive to UV light. When the UV ink after construction continues to be exposed to UV light, the reaction of UV printer ink turns yellow, which is the defect of UV printer ink itself.

For conventional UV printer ink, at present, it can not be fundamentally improved, but the degree of yellowing of UV ink from different suppliers is different, unless a specific non yellowing or ultra white UV ink is used. The main reason for the ink discoloration of UV oil flat printer is the problem of ink.

New users should carefully refer to the various index parameters of UV printer ink. On your new UV flat printing machine, not all inks can be reasonably used. It is impossible for one ink to be used in many types of UV printers. The spray heads are different, and the technical parameters of the ink are different. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase the UV printer ink suitable for you and select the appropriate technical parameters.

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In addition to various physical and chemical indexes, the stability of high-quality UV printer ink is also very important. When buying ink, don’t blindly pursue the cheapness, because cheap ink, the raw materials used must be cheap and of poor quality, resulting in different sizes of ink pigment particles and unstable suspension system. With the change of time and temperature, there will be precipitation and stratification, which will directly lead to the blockage of UV printer nozzle and even the burning of nozzle and other serious consequences Therefore, UV flat-panel inkjet must use high-quality ink.

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