How To Distinguish The Quality of UV Printer Nozzle?

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How To Distinguish The Quality of UV Printer Nozzle?

To distinguish the quality of UV printer nozzle, we can start from six aspects: nozzle material, nozzle printing speed, nozzle printing effect, nozzle life, nozzle price and nozzle replacement cost.

1. Nozzle material. Nozzle material is divided into plastic and steel, steel is better than plastic, because steel is more corrosion-resistant than plastic.

2. Printing speed of nozzle. Of course, the faster the printing speed is, the better. For the speed of UV printer, it can be divided into civil and industrial level, industrial level is faster. The parameters that affect the printing speed of the nozzle are nozzle width (wider speed is faster), injection speed (larger speed is faster), ignition frequency (higher speed is faster), ignition voltage (larger speed is faster).

3. Printing effect of nozzle. That is to say, the printing accuracy is affected by two parameters of physical accuracy and ink drop size. The larger the physical accuracy is, the higher the accuracy is, and the smaller the ink drop size is, the higher the accuracy is.

4. Nozzle life. The factors that affect the life of the nozzle include the material, the size of the ink drop, whether the ink drop is variable or not, and the maintenance of the nozzle. For a detailed analysis, see the article “comparison of the life of the UV printer nozzle”.

5. Sprinkler price. Generally speaking, the higher the price, the better the performance of the nozzle, but this is only limited to the case where there is a big price difference, such as Kyocera, Seiko and Epson. When the price of sprinkler is almost the same, it depends on other factors to determine the quality of sprinkler.

6. Nozzle replacement cost. Some sprinklers print one color, some sprinklers print two colors, and some sprinklers print four colors. If one sprinkler breaks down and affects several colors, it must be changed.

In toal, the price of Kyocera nozzle is too expensive, the replacement cost is too high, the Epson nozzle has short and unstable life, and the nozzle with relatively high cost performance is Seiko 1020 nozzle and Ricoh G5 nozzle. From the perspective of printing speed and stability, Seiko 1020 nozzle is better, and Ricoh G5 nozzle is better from the perspective of printing precision effect. The printing accuracy of Seiko 1020 nozzle is not too poor, the effect is OK, and it is more suitable for all industries where the precision requirement is not very high.

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