inkjet sublimation printer
  A digital sublimation machine can only perform well when it is placed in a production hall with constant conditions. […]
How can the situation be avoided if there is a color difference in wide format inkjet printers? Here are some […]
The printing accuracy and printing speed of the device is import to large format inkjet printer. But many people ignore […]
Piezoelectric large format inkjet printers mostly use Epson fifth-generation piezo nozzles, and some use Epson seven-generation heads and ten generation […]
The color reproduction of wide format printers is one of the important signs for evaluating the quality of prints, just […]
Nanjing is raining now. The rain not only brings inconvenience to people’s lives, but also brings trouble to the advertisement […]
sublimation printer
The phenomenon of ink drop is that the large format inkjet printer has ink droplets dripping on the output medium […]
Introductions of High Speed Large Format Dye Sublimation Printer A dye-sublimation printer is a printer that works by heating ink […]