The Importance of Work Stability of Large Format Inkjet Printer

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The Importance of Work Stability of Large Format Inkjet Printer

The printing accuracy and printing speed of the device is import to large format inkjet printer. But many people ignore the very important point – the stability of the printer printing. Large format inkjet printers can achieve a good printer by achieving quality, speed and stability.

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The stability of wide format inkjet printers is inseparable from the cooperation of various high-quality accessories, and high-quality accessories can support the high-quality printing of the entire equipment. For our printers, the whole machine uses high-quality accessories, such as Japan THK silent linear guide, Germany igus ink chain, US imported fluorine rubber pressure roller, Lei Sai brushless integrated motor, etc., to ensure quality and performance from the details, Strive to make the whole machine print more stable. Our wide format inkjet printers use an industrial architecture for greater stability.

While many manufacturers are still pursuing speed, the concept of the our large format inkjet printer has been transformed into an overall balance of quality, speed and stability. More and more users are measuring a device, and they are no longer only looking at speed, but also chasing quality, stability, service, reliability and so on.

large format inkejt printer

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What Factors Affect the Printing Effect of Wide Format Printers?

The color reproduction of wide format printers is one of the important signs for evaluating the quality of prints, just like the tone reproduction. The ideal color copy should be the restoration of the original color. Since the color of the original sometimes deviates, the color copy should meet the copying requirements.

At the same time, in the color reproduction process, it is affected by the conditions of color separation, light source, output material, development, etc. Quantitative evaluation of color reproduction is a very complicated prob wide format inkjet printer lem. Objectively, it’s better if the color of the printed matter and the color of the scene are closer to the physical quantity. However, there is no ideal device to completely replace the eye. And people assess the color often based on the memory or impression of the scene. The memory of the common objects often deviates from the physical color. The color sublimation printing of the people’s favorite color deviates from the actual color. For example, the blue sky is not blue in many cases, and the green trees are not necessarily all green. It makes it difficult for color reproduction of inkjet printers.

In the inkjet printers printing and copying process, people use the neutral gray balance reproduction as the basis for color reproduction. In the range of the tone range, the gray of the different proportions of cyan, magenta and yellow dots of the three primary color inks is printed. It is called neutral gray balance data before and during printing. Therefore, during the entire image reproduction process, neutral gray balance data is used as an important quality standard for monitoring the production process from prepress to printing. In the color copying process: the color should conform to the original, true, natural, and coordinated. The difference between the printed sheets of the same batch of products is less than 5.

The resolution of an inkjet printers is the ability of a printed image to distinguish and reproduce the details of the original image, or the ability of the image to resolve the original scene. The definition refers to the clarity of the image details, mainly the sharpness of the edge of the image and the edge of the line. The resolution of the printed image mainly depends on the influence of the number of screen lines added. But the number of screen lines is restricted by the printing materials and printing methods. The highest resolution can’t always be obtained. And the accuracy of printer printing will affect the resolution of the image. The resolution of the printer will also affect the clarity of the image to a certain extent. Of course, the resolution is also affected by the printing process, materials, technology and so on.

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What Are the Main Users of Large Format Inkjet Printers?

Most of us are not that familiar with large format inkjet printers. That is because we do not typically find large-format printers in homes. So do you know who needs large-format printers and what are the main users of wide format printers? Anyone who requires really large prints would find these printers necessary. Here is a short list of them.

1. Advertising agencies

Many advertising agencies need large format printers to create presentations for their clients. They would use it to create samples for advertising campaigns that they can show their clients.

2. Art and photography studios

Today, art has made a marriage of convenience with technology and it is a marriage that looks to be staying for good. Works of art are now being created using computers. Large-scale art made with computers or at least scanned would naturally need big printers.

3. Museums

Museums are not just places where works of art, science and culture are displayed. A lot of academic work also happens behind the scenes. The scholars working at the museums cannot definitely use an original piece to work with in whatever research or study they are doing. Would you doodle on the Mona Lisa? So instead, they recreate these works of art with large format printers.

4. Schools

Gone are the old days when visual aids used in the classrooms are created using wide-tip markers and a big sheet of Manila paper. New technologies are now used in teaching kids these days and it is now necessary to create stunning teaching aids with the help of big printers.

5. Real estate firms

Real estate firms need to keep the properties they are selling up for display wherever they station themselves. These displays attract customers, sometimes enough for them to snap on a property. Some firms find it cost-effective to own the printer instead of outsourcing it to a print shop.

6. The military

The military has done away with paper maps and instead print them on fabric using large format printers. These textile maps are more durable, easier to work with, and do not get easily torn or damaged by creases.

7. Law firms

Even law firms need large format printers. Pictures paint a thousand words and lawyers may need big and pretty pictures when they try to convince a jury with graphic evidence to win a case.

Different companies use large format printers in different areas. They are truly special printers for a special purpose, which is why specialized companies need them. With the growing versatility of printers these days, it is not impossible to find a large-format printer in the home in the future.

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