The Analysis on Damage Degree of Inkjet Printer Nozzle

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The Analysis on Damage Degree of Inkjet Printer Nozzle

print headOne of the most important components of an inkjet printer is the nozzle. The nozzle of an inkjet printer can be said to be one-third of the price of the entire machine. This tells users in the advertising industry that it is necessary to protect the nozzles of inkjet printer. Otherwise, it will bring you unnecessary economic losses. A lot of customers want to know that whether the inkjet printer nozzle can be repaired?

The value of inkjet printer nozzle repairs should be from several aspects?

1. First of all, we have to look at the situation when the ink jet printer prints a drawing. If the drawing is an indirect phenomenon that breaks the ink. Then this situation is that the ink jet printer nozzle is not damaged, but it should be This cleaning requires only the use of alcohol to wipe, and then rinse with water on it.

2. Check whether the nozzle is burned outand according to the extent of burnout to printer nozzledetermine whether it can be repaired. Some inkjet printer nozzle burned light, it just need a little repair. But some of the nozzle burned to a more serious degree, it cannot be repaired after the nozzle is damaged. Only the new nozzle is replaced. Judging from the burned nozzles, the average user can’t know whether the nozzle can be repaired.

The method of judging whether an inkjet printer can be repaired after being burned out of the inkjet printer is desired. Hope the methods above can be helpful to the users of the inkjet printer and look forward to your better judging method.

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