The Factors Which Determine the Ink Consumption of Inkjet Printer

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The Factors Which Determine the Ink Consumption of Inkjet Printer

The ink consumed per square of inkjet printer is certainly different. Therefore, the ink consumption of a inkjet printer can hardly have a fixed value. Then, what are factors in the consumption of ink on a inkjet printer?

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For this issue, we must first understand the problem of color coverage. What is color coverage? Simply, a piece of paper is divided into one hundred cells, and the ratio of the colored grids can be understood as the color coverage. For example, if you use a inkjet printer to print a 1.5-meter-wide image, then more than 90% of the image needs to print colors. It will definitely need to print color ink than 10%. In the same image, the color coverage is different, and it takes a lot of money. The amount of ink is also different, so there is no specific way to define the ink consumption of the inkjet printer.

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Another factor is accuracy. As we all know, the accuracy of pictorial images must be as high as possible. The higher the precision, the higher the quality of the printed image. However, the higher the precision, the greater the amount of ink consumed. .

Another factor is our most common waste ink. As the name suggests, the meaning of waste ink is also abandoned ink. The amount of waste ink of a inkjet printer has a great relationship with the stability of its performance. When we usually use the inkjet printer, the biggest reason for the appearance of waste ink is to clean the print head. Each time cleaning the print head, it will cause a lot of photo printer ink consumption. The clean print head needs a lot of ink to flush the print head nozzle, so the amount of waste ink is very large. If the machine performance is good, it can stabilize the image printing for a long time without clogging. This can avoid cleaning the nozzle, the amount of waste ink generated will certainly be much less.

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