The Tips to Store Eco-solvent Ink in Winter

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The Tips to Store Eco-solvent Ink in Winter

   As we all know that the ink is hard to store in winter, because the weather is cold and dry. How to store eco-solvent ink appropriately and make the best use of it? Here are some suggestions.

eco-solvent ink

   The first problem we should solve is the low temperature. Because the low temperature is easily to make the fluency of the ink will get worse, and block the print head. The only solution is to increase the temperature. Remember the woking temperature of the eco-solvent printer should not be lower than 15℃. You can use the air conditioning or heating, or adding a temperature control device at the secondary cartridge and the main ink tank to increase the ink temperature to 25-28℃.eco-solvent printer

   The second problem is the drying out problems. We know that it is dry in winter, and a dry environment can also affect the normal use of eco-solvent ink. At this time, we recommend that the customer still maintain the temperature/humidity of the printing room in the ideal range (18-27 degrees Celsius, relative humidity 35%-80%).

   As long as you make enough preparation, you can make the best use of your eco-solvent ink in winter.

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