Tips and Tricks of Saving Your Sublimation Ink

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Tips and Tricks of Saving Your Sublimation Ink

   Sublimation ink is the consumables of sublimation printing, it means that you should keep buying it as long as you are printing. The price of sublimation ink, especially high quality sublimation ink is not cheap, know how to save the ink is useful for you. Now, here are some tips.

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   First do the daily maintenance of your inkjet printer. When you printer work well, it will consumes only the necessary amount of sublimation ink during the sublimation printing process.

   Don’t turn off the printer frequently. It is not necessary to turn off the printer once you finished a printing task. Actually speaking, this action will waste you sublimation ink, and you’d better keep on the printer if you have many tasks in a short term.
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   The quality of sublimation paper is important. The poor quality sublimation paper is hard to absorb the sublimation ink, so it need to absorb a large amount of sublimation ink when printing, while high quality sublimation can absorb less ink.And when you use the high quality sublimation paper, you can decrease the quality of the sublimation ink appropriately, they can still work well.

   Check the Driver Setting and Software of Your Printer. Before working, you should check all the setting of your inkjet printer. For example , you can adjust your printer into the ink-saving mode so that less amount of ink is used.
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   Many people will choose low-price sublimation ink to reduce the cost, but pay less attention in saving ink. According to my opinion. You can buy the high quality ink, and learn to save the ink as you can, it will be better.


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