How To Use 90gsm Sublimation Paper On Fashion printing?

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How To Use 90gsm Sublimation Paper On Fashion printing?

How To Use 90gsm Sublimation Paper On Fashion printing?

Sublimation print paperFirst of all, let me introduce our the structure of 90gsm sublimation paper , and the inkjet thermal transfer paper is sandwiched like a sandwich. On the top layer is a functional coating that absorbs ink and separates the dyestuff. The base paper is located in the middle, coating. This three-layer structure of a reasonable division of labor composed of inkjet sublimation transfer paper, the indicators with the improved printing paper to use the effect is like, otherwise there will be such as application problems exposed. Fei Yue Paper Inc. has been working to improve the performance of these three layers of materials, from material matching to coating production process to perfection, the purpose is in a variety of environment and inkjet conditions can have better performance, allowing users to easily less upset.

A)Printing environment humidity is best controlled at 45 ~ 70% RH, such as the air is too dry and easy to make the transfer paper warp, this time when the large amount of ink-jet printing paper to absorb water elongation and arch may cause friction head failure ; If the air is too wet will lead to drying speed and transfer paper at both ends of elongation missing. Install and turn on the air conditioner in the inkjet printing room. Stable ambient conditions permit stable ink jet printing. Such as air conditioning is not a constant temperature and humidity, the remedy is 2-3 days before printing stripping the transfer paper carton to transfer paper exposed to the air breathing, balance transfer paper in the water, the purpose of doing so is to transfer The internal environment of the paper is as close as possible to the environment of the printing room to avoid excessive drying of the transfer paper to absorb the printing ink and stretch the arch.

B) When the ambient humidity is very large, the original paper layer of the transfer paper may be due to uneven water absorption on both sides of the left and right elongation is inconsistent, in which case the printing pattern will be deviation or cardboard wrinkling, remedy It is possible to place a clean steel pipe (the pipe must be horizontal) between the paper feed side and the unwind side of the printer and tie the appropriate weight at both ends of the pipe so that the transfer paper remains flat and has proper tension .high release sublimation paper

C) When the transfer paper to absorb moisture in the air too much paper will become very soft, so easy to make the transfer paper through the pickup roller wrinkle, the remedy is to take away some of the pickup roller small spring, Reduce the pressing force to keep the printer paper can be flat.

D) To confirm the printing surface of the transfer paper, when you can not determine the print surface with your fingers stained with water, respectively, coated with two sides of the transfer paper, greasy feeling heavier is the print side.

E) When placing the inkjet sublimation paper  on the printer, take a fine cloth glove to prevent the transfer paper surface from being stained with fingerprints.

F) When changing a new volume, it is prudent to print a small piece of standard color (standard color refers to the user familiar with the usual CMYK four or six color composition of the pattern) and do transfer test to ensure that each Roll the same color, such as the emergence of significant color, to promptly look for reasons and exclusion.

G) During the printing process to do ground test strips, to ensure the smoothness of the ink nozzle, so that the same pattern of color accuracy, to avoid the print head as a result of partial blockage and print defects.

H) When rewinding with side printing, open the printer’s built-in heater and set the proper temperature, or turn on the external air-drying equipment, by the amount of ink ejected from the print pattern. To ensure that the process of winding will not stain the back, so as not to print patterns flawed.

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