The Process Of Use The Oven To Transfer The Cup

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The Process Of Use The Oven To Transfer The Cup

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It’s a very happy thing to have your favorite design on the cup, but how to transfer cup easily? This article will tell you how to make your favorite designs in the cup at home:

Prepare items:
Coated transfer cup,Special high-temperature silicone pad,heat resistant tape,Printed thermal sublimation paper,High-temperature gloves, fastening devices, and scissors …

the process of use oven to transfer the cup

1.Scissors cut two high-temperature tape, about 1 cm long, leaving 1/2 out

2.The sublimation paper attached to the thermal transfer cup, and high temperature adhesive tape firmly.

3.The other side of a high-temperature adhesive tape paste the same.

4.The high-temperature silicone pad wrapped in a cup, tighten the fastening device, tighten the electric drill.

5.Of course, we can also use a manual wrench to tighten, the pressure control on the right.

6.Now we use a toaster oven to bake the heat transfer cups, the oven is best to set the exact temperature and time. General small oven can be baked 3-5 cups, baked at a temperature of 380-400F, the time is 15-18 minutes.

7.Wear heat-resistant gloves and remove the cup. Attention cup is very hot

8.This step should be very careful because it is hot, immediately remove the silicone pad, tear off the sublimation paper, a heat transfer cup to succeed.

ATTENTION: Please try it ensure that the conditions of safety.

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