3 Common Causes and Corresponding Solutions for UV Printers

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3 Common Causes and Corresponding Solutions for UV Printers

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As we know UV printer is a high-tech, free-form full-color digital press that is color-free and can be used for color photos on T-shirts, sliding doors, doors, glass, signs, crystals, PVC, metal, plastic, leather printing.UV printer

It is easy to operate and resistant to wear, so more and more popular in industry but the print head is a big problem for many customers, which affects the print effect. So Sublistar has sorted out 3 common causes and corresponding solutions for UV universal flat-panel printers.

Cause 1: The voltage of the UV printer sprinkler head is too high. If so the voltage of the nozzle needs to be reduced. Solution: if the circuit board is modified, the circuit can be changed.

Cause 2: Too many impurities cause the nozzle to clog. If the digital UV printer hasn’t use for a long time or without using the original sublimation ink, the nozzle needs to be cleaned. If not works also, the nozzle can only be removed, soaked in purified water at about 50-60℃, cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner, and dried after use.

Cause 3: The distance between the UV printer sprinkler head and the substrate is too high and the reasonable height is generally below 15cm. If the sprinkler head beyond the scope of its spray will cause the phenomenon of flying ink. Solution: reduce the distance between the sprinkler head and substrate.

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