What Do You Know About UV Printing?

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What Do You Know About UV Printing?

   As UV printing becomes more and more popular, how many you know about this technology?

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   Compared with traditional printing, the similar place is that they all use inks. The difference is that in traditional printing, the ink dries absorbs into the transfer  paper and evaporates into the air, while UV inks dry from being exposed to ultra-violet lights that almost instantly turn the liquid ink into a solid.

   There are many advantages of UV printing:

   1. There is little to no absorption into the stock, meaning less bleeds and a tighter more controlled print.applications of roland lef20

   2.The applications of UV printing is much more than the traditional printing. UV printing can be applied to full color print on non traditional materials such as wood, plastic and metal. We are also able to print a spot gloss as well.


   3.Finally we can pair this unique form of printing with our laser engraving to create one of the most unique business available.

   With the development of the UV printer, i suggest you try to learn more about this technology if you are doing printing business.

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