What’s the difference of Non-tacky Sublimation Paper and Tacky Sublimation Paper?

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What’s the difference of Non-tacky Sublimation Paper and Tacky Sublimation Paper?

As is known, there are two main types of sublimation paper in the market now: Non-tacky /sticky (fast dry) sublimation paper and Tacky sublimation paper.

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Non-tacky sublimation paper also called fast dry sublimation paper which is normally used in the market, but the tacky sublimation paper is used to prevent the transfer from ghosting, especially used for elastic(stretch)textile.

Maybe now you are confused which kind sublimation paper should i choose. Now we are going to talk about the tacky sublimation paper advantages and disadvantages.

1) The price of tacky sublimation paper is higher than non-Sticky Sublimation Paper.

2) The tacky sublimation paper dries slower than high-speed paper. Our non-tacky sublimation paper dries completely in 2 minutes, but the tacky sublimation paper dries in 3-4 minutes.

3) The transfer yield is different, our non-tacky sublimation paper could deliver the 96.% ink to the substrate, the tacky sublimation paper is 95.7% .

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4) when you use flat-bed heat press, it may easy cause ghosting with non-tacky sublimation paper, but tacky sublimation paper will not. But when you use the calendar, rotary heat press machine (roll to roll), paper and fabric are firmly stick to each other from the beginning to the end, there’s no chance that they will separate in the process. So there’s no chance that the ghosting will come. In that case, normal sublimation paper could do the job very well, tacky sublimation paper is unnecessary even though the textile has elastic.

5) Tacky sublimation paper is only used in : First, you are doing with flat-bad heat press, second ,the textile is stretch material, or it is easy to move.

in my opinion, if you are using roller heat press machine, non-tacky sublimation paper is enough in your job, if you are worry about the transfer quality, you could make a small test with non-tacky sublimation paper, if the test is succeed , it will help you save more cost and help your company become more competitive in your market.

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