What’s the Difference Between Sublimation Ink and Traditional Ink?

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What’s the Difference Between Sublimation Ink and Traditional Ink?

Papijet inkCompared with some traditional ink, the advantages of sublimation ink are much more than that of it because the image quality of using sublimation ink is clearer. The particles are so small that it is not difficult to see this material clogs the print head. It is very easy to be absorbed by the material after spraying with this material. So its print effect will be very bright ans colorful and the cost of this material is very low.

This kind of dye molecule is very easy to decompose under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays. So when it is used in outdoor ultraviolet rays, the preservation time Sublinova inkwill not be very long. There will be obvious fading. Sublimation inks can achieve very good color and clear chromatograms. So that printed pictures, as well as some common documents are very suitable for this material.

Sublimation printing ink is the grinding of some solid pigments into very fine particles then dissolved in a special solvent. When these dyes penetrate into the medium to form a certain color, they can be colored from the surface when they are attached to a certain medium. When compared with traditional materials, the former is more suitable for pigment ink printing.

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In other words, on the plain printing paper, the former is less likely to swallow. Another advantage is that it is very waterproof, so it is not easily decomposed in a short period of time. As long as it is not in a strong outdoor, the time it takes to maintain it will be very long. Another advantage is that whether it is in the process of use or transportation. As long as the continuous ink supply, you can fully perform the normal printing work. Here is to remind that when the ink supply should be kept on a certain level line with the printing machine, this can ensure the normal work.

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