What’s The Function Of Meltblown Fabric For Face Mask?

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What’s The Function Of Meltblown Fabric For Face Mask?

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The medical face mask has three layers, and the meltblown cloth is the middle layer. It has strong filtering, shielding, and thermal insulation properties. It can play the role of sterilization and virus isolation. It can be said that it is the heart of a medical mask.

Both the inner and outer layers of the medical mask are only supporting functions. The most important thing for filtering viruses is the middle melt-blown cloth. The ordinary melt-blown cloth has a filtration efficiency of 50%. It needs to be reprocessed to increase electrostatic adsorption before bacterial filtration can reach more than 99% ( (Referred to as BFE99) 50% filter efficiency meltblown cloth can only be used as a civilian protective mask, only dust, dust, and can not isolate viruses, but all medical masks, surgical masks must use 99% filter efficiency meltblown cloth .

In the chain of medical masks, meltblown fabrics, special materials for meltblown fabrics, and raw materials, special materials are the most important links. The main raw material for the production of special materials for meltblown cloth is polypropylene (Polypropylene), and the material supply mainly comes from Sinopec. Both Sinopec and PetroChina urgently adjust the production equipment to produce medical polyolefins to meet the needs of medical materials such as non-woven polypropylene special materials and medical polypropylene special materials.

Related reports on the current status of meltblown fabrics:

Meltblown fabric companies and meltblown fabric companies face problems such as shortage of production lines, high production requirements, and long equipment purchase cycles. The production capacity is far from meeting market demand, resulting in unbalanced supply and demand. Some mask factories have machines and workers, but Missing meltblown cloth. Melt-blown cloth as the core material for masks to filter germs, the price has risen from 50thousand CNY / ton to 500 thousand-800thousand CNY / ton in just one month. “One roll cloth is hard to find.”

Why is there a shortage of meltblown cloth?

Meltblown cloth equipment is difficult to deliver in the short term because of the long procurement cycle for key components, so it is difficult for meltblown cloth production to surge in the short term. This is becoming a link to the “stuck neck” of mask production. At present, there are many non-woven fabric factories in China, but due to the low profit and high technical requirements of special materials for melt-blown fabrics, they belong to the field of niche and there are very few manufacturers. Only a few large enterprises can survive.

In addition to the 10 times increase in melt-blown cloth price, ear straps (elastic bands) for masks are the second-largest price increase among raw materials, and have now increased more than 5 times. Therefore, the production cost of masks has increased significantly.

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