When We Need UV Printing?

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When We Need UV Printing?

   UV printing is a new term for most people, but once you tried it, you will love it. It cures fast, it’s high quality, it’s durable and it’s flexible. Then do you know when you need UV printing?Mimaki UJF-A3HG

   1. When you want a “Green ” UV printing uses a photo mechanical process to cure the ink versus drying through evaporation. Compared with other inks, there are far fewer emissions of volatile organic compounds into the environment.

   2.When your task is rush. UV printing can help you save a lot of time because there is no evaporation process.UV printer

   3.UV Printing is perfect for projects that need one of two looks: a crisp, sharp look on un-coated stock or a satin look on coated stock.

   4.UV printing can avoid smudging or abrasion. UV printing dries instantly insures that regardless of how quickly you need the piece in hand, the work won’t be smudged and a UV coating can be applied to prevent abrasions.

   5.When printing on plastic or non-porous substrates, then UV printing is a wonderful choice.

   UV printer is not a small invest for small business owners. But as long as you decide to start, if won’t let you disappointed.



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