When You Should Buy a Heat Press Machine?

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When You Should Buy a Heat Press Machine?

   Inkjet printer, sublimation paper, sublimation ink and heat press machine are the crucial tools in sublimation printing. But many people who own a small business usually use the iron for heat pressing. Or they usually send the printed paper and fabric to the professional factories for heat pressing. So, is it worth to buy a heat press machine at home for them? In my opinion, you should invest a heat press machine under these conditions.

heat pressing

   If you have a small workshop and sell your own DIY prints, you’d better invest a heat press machine. Although you can use a iron sometimes, but the quality is much worse than using a heat press machine.

   The size of your design. Only small size can suitable for the iron. If you want to print with a large design, such as a whole-print t-shirt, the iron can’t satisfied you, then a heat press machine is essential.

heat press machine

   Your output is also a question. If you just print several things a day, then a iron is enough. But if your output is large, you’d better prepare a heat press. Send to heat pressing factories is not a good idea in the long run. Besides, when you output is large, the printing quality and printing speed should be keep up with the output.

   A heat press machine, especially a flatbed heat press machine is not a big investment. Buying one at home can help you a lot, why not?

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