Whether the Ink of the Inkjet Printer Is Healthy If It Has a Fragrance?

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Whether the Ink of the Inkjet Printer Is Healthy If It Has a Fragrance?

sublimation inkNowadays, many inkjet printer customers have the idea: How is the smell of your ink so big? Does it have a special impact on health? Will we be poisoned? The XX brand inks don’t have such a big smell, and there is still a little fragrance. Is their ink more environmentally friendly? Okay, let’s talk about it now.

It is necessary to introduce the composition and principle of ink: We all know that the principle of ink is that the organic pigment is evenly distributed in the organic solvent system. So, what is this organic solvent? Take ink as an example: solvent-based inks
use a series of solvents such as ketones and fats. From a chemical point of view, ketones and lipids are chemically synthesized and some ammonia is not purified, but sublimation inkit is absolutely cancer-free.

Therefore, we suggest that you choose the original ink of the manufacture. The original ink produced by the large manufacturers, generally will minimize the harm of the ink to the user, and try to minimize the irritating odor of the ink.

In addition, as everyone knows, ink is a chemical preparation. Most chemical preparations generally have some pungent odor. This is normal, but why are the smells of some inks so small and even some scent? The size of the odor is related to the purity of the solvent. Low-odor or even odor-free green ink is the development trend.

It can be said with a little bit that the more smelly ink on the market, you must be sublimation inkcareful when using it and be careful for your health. ut you may also say that we really do not like the smell, it is intolerable. Is there any solution? Yes, you can make an exhaust hood, which can greatly reduce the smell of your indoor ink and the circulation of indoor air, which means killing two birds with one stone.

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