Why We Suggest Low-weight Sublimation Paper to Our Customers?

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Why We Suggest Low-weight Sublimation Paper to Our Customers?

   The common low-weight sublimation paper include 45g, 50g,55g,57g,70g. And factories usually prefer to packing them in the jumbo roll size. For many people, they think that low-weight transfer paper usually means the bad quality. Is that so?

jumbo roll sublimation paper

   For sublimation transfer paper, the heavier, the better. Though we believe that heavy weight sublimation paper have a better quality, the weight of the paper can’t be the only indicator to judge the paper’s quality. Compared with the heavy weight sublimation paper, the low-weight sublimation transfer paper can also have a good performance sometimes.


   1. When you use high speed industrial printer like MS, Reggiani, we usually suggest you use the low weight sublimation paper. Beacuse when you printing speed is fast, the low weight sublimation paper will be easier to absorb the ink than the heavy weight sublimation paper. IF you use the heavy weight sublimation paper for MS or Regginai, the color will be light after heat transfer, and it will also cost more.

   2. The low weight sublimation paper usually has a cheap price. If you find a good manufacture,and you don’t have such a high requirements,choose the low weight sublimation paper can help you save a lot (The quality is also good at the same time.)

   Next time when you try to buy the sublimation transfer paper, you can have a try of the loe weight sublimation paper. As a manufacture, we provide free samples for you. Just contact us in need。



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