Widely Application of Slitting Machine in Paper Processing Industry

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Widely Application of Slitting Machine in Paper Processing Industry

slitting machineSlitter is an automatic die-cutting machine supporting products, this machine is suitable for narrow paper slitting. It has automatic meter, count, set length, quantity automatic shutdown, unwinding by photoelectric automatic rectification control functions. The slitting machine has the characteristics of compact structure, fast speed, high efficiency, accurate slitting, simple operation and stable operation.

Slitter is a broad paper or thin film into a wide range of narrow materials of mechanical equipment, often used in paper machinery and printing and packaging machinery. The former slitter (disk paper slitter) of the magnetic powder clutch speed can not be high, Slitter because in the operation of the high speed friction caused by magnetic powder, resulting in high temperature, shorten its life, serious will be stuck to die, Slitter so that the machine operation is blocked, to produce serious consequences.

Slitting machine is a wide Web paper slitting and rewinding to the width of the paper processing equipment. Widely used in paper processing industry or printing and distribution.

Performance and Characteristics:

1. Slitter is the use of microcomputer control, magnetic powder clutch tension control, the center of the method of coiling.

2. The host is using frequency conversion speed control. Slitter Can automatically meter, alarm shutdown. Tension digital display function.

slitting machine

3. Unwinding using photoelectric automatic rectification (or gas hydraulic rectification) correction system master, so that the irregular material can be divided into normal.

4. Round knife (or flat knife) slitting, waste edge automatic discharge device.

5. Manual (or pneumatic) discharge reel with cone sleeve type inflatable shaft (3″or 6″).

6. The rewinding adopts a, B axis (inflatable type).


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