The Workflow of Dye Sublimation Printing

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The Workflow of Dye Sublimation Printing

The Workflow of Dye Sublimation Printing

sublimation textileSublimation printing makes use of ink or dye to transfer—or “sublimate”—artwork into a fabric down to a depth in which the ink and substrate in truth turn out to be one and the same. Sometimes referred to as “dye-sublimation printing,” this system has many unique elements to it and isn’t always as easy as boardwalk T-shirt retail outlets would possibly make it look. When the use of sublimation for an expert utility such as a customized banner or lightbox, there are three critical concerns to keep in mind.

Sublimation Printing is Not Limited to Flat Fabric

Yes, t-shirts tend to be the product most normally related to sublimation printing. However, a variety of other products—such as light shades, upholstery, accessories, tile and even glass—can all be sublimated.

full sublimation printingSublimation Printing Requires a Special Printer

Sublimation printing is a two-part procedure on a dye-sublimation printer. To over clearly how it works:

We print your snapshots onto the one-of-a-kind sublimation transfer paper using sublimation inks. We then use a warmness press to transfer the ink into the substrate. The warmth press is the integral piece of tools used in achieving the sublimation print.

Not All Heat Presses Are the Same

With sublimation printing, there are four extraordinary sorts of heat presses that can be used, based on the appearance and material desired.

Flatbed Heat Press: Ideal for flatter, sturdier materials, such as aluminum and flooring mats. However, the flatbed heat press is the one to avoid when printing on thinner substances such as fabric.
Heat Press Calendar: This heat press is used for physically giant products, such as textiles, flags, and out of doors signage.
Quality substances and dyes, along with exact printers and heat presses, all play a part in attaining the ideal sublimation print. Contact us for extra information to help make your subsequent mission a success.

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