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10 Leading Technologies of the Latest Generation of SUBLISTAR DTF Printer

Star IV series DTF printer is the latest generation of SUBLISTAR, which makes the series have unparalleled competitivenes: intelligent, high efficiency and low maintenance time.
So, what are the latest features of the DTF Star IV series? This article will give the answer:

  1. Automatic in-line moisturizing system
  2. Print head heating system
  3. Advanced pass system
  4. THK mute linear guide
  5. White ink circulation & filtration system
  6. MPM(Multi-printer manager)
  7. Nozzle compensating technology
  8. SCM shaker control panel
  9. Tension take-up reel
  10. Integrated permanent purifier

Automatic in-line moisturizing system

In order to prevent ink from clogging the nozzle, the ink pad will eject some humectant to maintain a certain level of humidity even when the machine is not working for a long time.

This will effectively keep the printer nozzle in the best working state, avoid blocking the nozzle hole due to the volatilization of solvent, and prolong the service life of the nozzle.

Print head heating system

By heating the ink damper and the carriage base, the DTF printer can work normally in an environment with a large temperature difference.

Thanks to the technology, the heating feature can guarantee the ink’s good fluidity during the printing process.

Advanced pass system

Motor-controlled paper travel and industrial-grade platen rollers increase the stability and reliability of the printing process and prevent creasing and other printing-related problems. In the printing and output process, good printing accuracy is guaranteed.

sublistar dtf paper pass system

THK mute linear guide

Stable operation and low noise. The friction between the sliders of the silent guide rail is greatly reduced, and the retention of lubricating grease is improved, thus achieving low noise, high speed, long service life, and long-term operation without maintenance.

Mute linear guide

White ink circulation & filtration system

The continuous circulation of white ink can effectively prevent precipitation and reduce the probability of clogging the print head. After effective filtration, it can effectively prolong the service life of the print head and save costs.

MPM(Multi-printer manager)

MPM means one computer can control multiple devices, and different IPs manage to print.

MPM (multi Printer Manager) enables one computer to manage multiple printers, helping workers to control machine production more quickly and further improve production efficiency.

MPM system

Nozzle compensating technology

The original Nozzle compensated technology can solve the problem of missing printing. Through this technology, the printer can automatically monitor the printing process. If the lines are discontinuous and there are blank areas, the nozzle will spray again to fill up the missing areas to ensure the output of a perfect picture.

dtf printer nozzle recovery

SCM shaker control panel

This series DTF printer is equipped with easy-to-use touch screen. You can navigate the menu by simply touching the desired button.

smart PLC screen panel

Tension take-up reel

Updated from the original single paper receiving system to a combination of paper receiving and clamping sticks, it can meet diversified production needs. With this function, both mass and single custom production can be made, which are more flexible and more adaptable to the changing market demand.

Tension Feed Take Up Reel

Integrated permanent purifier

The integrated smoke purifier on the side can automatically process the smoke into liquid and discharge it, which is green and pollution-free. Built-in permanent purification filter means that you do not need to replace it, saving your cost.

Integrated Smoke Purifier

The advanced technologies in the SUBLISTAR Star IV series DTF printers make them the ideal choice for any printing business. With their cutting-edge features, these printers can elevate your business to new heights and help you stay ahead of the competition.

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