12 Faults Frequently Encountered in Using UV Flatbed Printer

In the process of operating the UV flatbed printer, it is inevitable that some minor failures will occur. When you encounter this situation, don’t worry. Please refer to the following items to see if your UV printer has similar problems.

  1. The nozzle cannot eject ink

Causes: Blocked nozzle channel; improper setting of nozzle working voltage; blocked ink tube; ink problem and improper setting of negative pressure will all lead to ink interruption.

Solution: The clogging of the UV flatbed printer nozzle is always due to the precipitation of impurities in the ink, and corrosion of the UV printer nozzle, which can blame for the strong acidity of the ink.

Check whether you are using the wrong ink, the ink delivery pipe is squeezed, or there are bubbles in the ink, and please check the nozzle voltage. If the blocked nozzle is  due to ink problems, clean the nozzle (soak in purified water at about 50-60 ℃ or clean with an ultrasonic cleaning machine)

  1. The printing has been normal before, but suddenly the color has a deviation

First, do a “nozzle inspection” to see if there is a lack of a certain color.

Solution: Develop the habit of checking the printer nozzle before starting up every day. Before starting to print large quantities of goods, test first to ensure everything is normal.

If some colors and patterns are found to be seriously incomplete, do “print head cleaning” and then “nozzle inspection”. If everything is normal, you can print directly. Note: many people do not check the nozzle. It is a good habit to “check the nozzle” every day before starting up the machine.

  1. Poor printing effect

The pattern is blurred, the color appears in the wrong position, and the pattern has a double image.

Cause: The height of the carriage is improper, so the nozzle and the article are far apart, resulting in inaccurate ink-jet spraying. Non-calibrated nozzle; Electrostatic influence; Strong airflow in the working environment; ink or dust appearing on the raster strip.

The raster strip is a precise component. If ink or dust is stuck on it, the sensor at the back of the carriage will not work normally, and there will be shapes on printed images.

Solution: Adjust the height of the trolley according to the instructions; Recalibrate the nozzle; Eliminate the influence of static electricity; Avoid direct blowing of air conditioner and other equipment toward the printer. Clean the raster strip with a cotton cloth or paper towel.

  1. Chaotic  image

The nozzle began to spray randomly without following the set program, and the color appeared irregular and disorderly.

Causes: inkjet data transmission processing error, loose or faulty data cable, optical fiber failure, PCI card failure, or carriage board failure.

Solution: replace the data cable: nozzle data cable or trolley board data cable, replace carriage board / optical fiber / PCI card. Restart the computer and reset the image value.

  1. Unrecognized ink cartridge

Users who handle the continuous ink supply system may often encounter the situation that the machine will not print after a period, because the UV flatbed printer cannot recognize the ink cartridge.

Cause: the waste ink bin is full.

Solution: you can go to the maintenance shop to replace the sponge in the waste ink tank.

Here’s a tip: don’t use the reset software to reset the main board of this UV flatbed printer, because doing so will easily damage the UV flat-panel printer.

  1. The carriage cannot be reset normally when starting up

After starting up, click the reset button, however, the carriage has not been completely reset, and there is no flash spray, so other operations cannot be performed.

Solution: replace the switch or the carriage board / SCSI cable / PCI card/servo board.

  1. The speed of the carriage becomes slow

If the original ink cartridge has been modified, it will inevitably lead to the overload of the printing cart, which will accelerate the aging of the belt of the UV flatbed printer and increase the friction between the cart and the connecting rod. In serious cases, the carriage cannot be reset.

Solution: 1. Replace the motor. 2. Lubricate the connecting rod 3. Keep the gear clean and lubricate the gear to reduce the aging speed of the belt.

  1. The machine cannot accept computer data

Reinstall or replace the PCI card and interface board. After re-installation, restart the UV flatbed printer and computer for data transmission operation detection again.

  1. Sudden stop of printing, wrong positioning, uncontrolled ink discharge from the nozzle, etc

Please reinstall or replace the PCI card. Check the 37-chip and 68-chip, and reconnect or replace those parts in time.

  1. Unable to perform accurate positioning

Please check whether the 15-chip wire and interface card are damaged and replace them in time.

  1. In the process of starting the printer, the carriage suddenly bumps into the left and stops, making a huge noise.

Check the UV printer raster strip and keep the surface clean. Wipe the raster strip and its sensor.

  1. The pattern is easy to fall off

Cause: Forget to spray coating on the surface of the object.

The surface of some materials is relatively smooth. If you print a pattern directly on it, the image will easily fall off.

Solution: After spraying the coating with the correct method, the pigment can finely attach to the object.

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