14 Leading Technologies of the Latest Generation of SUBLISTAR DTF Printer

SUBLISTAR DTF Printer  The star III series of SUBLISTAR DTF printers has introduced the latest features, which are the most cutting-edge technologies in the industry.

Automatic Ink Pressure System

Utilizing an automatic ink pressure system instead of manual ink pressure adjustment. Not only can this help reduce overall maintenance costs,  it can also save time through automation.

Ink Damper Heating Available

An ink damper device with an external heating function. The heating unit is installed on the outside of each ink damper.

With this technology, the DTF printer can work normally in an environment with a large temperature difference. In the printing process, the heating function can ensure the good fluidity of the ink.

Automatic In-Line moisturizing system

(Controlled by ink pump)

In order to prevent ink from clogging the nozzle, the ink pad will eject some Humectant every once in a while to keep the nozzle clean and moist. This is the automatic in-line moistening system, which can keep the printer nozzle in the best working state, avoid blocking the nozzle hole due to the volatilization of solvent, and prolong the service life of the nozzle.

White Ink Circulation & Filtration System

The white ink circulation system adds filters to avoid white ink clogging

Imported Filter

Our imported filter not only effectively intercepts large particles, gels, and other impurities, but also allows the required pigment dyes to pass through and remain in the ink. The imported filter has excellent impurity filtering ability and longer service life.

MPM(Multi-Printer Manager)

One computer can control multiple devices, and different IPs manage to print.

MPM (multi Printer Manager) enables one computer to manage multiple printers, helping workers to control machine production more quickly and further improve production efficiency.

Pinch Roller Adjustable

According to the printing material, adjust the platen support to adjust the pressure of the pressure roller to ensure smooth paper feeding and improve the effect. which can increase the friction force during paper feeding, make the process more stable and reliable, and avoid indentation and other phenomena during printing. It ensures high printing accuracy during printing and output.

Mute linear guide

Stable operation and low noise. The friction between the sliders of the silent guide rail is greatly reduced, and the retention of lubricating grease is improved, thus achieving low noise, high speed, long service life, and long-term operation without maintenance.

Nozzle compensated

The original Nozzle compensated technology can solve the problem of missing printing. Through this technology, the printer can automatically monitor the printing process. If the lines are discontinuous and there are blank areas, the nozzle will spray again to fill up the missing areas to ensure the output of a perfect picture.

(improved print head lifetime; increased reliability; increased up-time; improved print quality)

CCD Camera

A CCD camera can synchronously monitor the printing condition of the nozzle. When the DTF printer nozzle is blocked or the ink jet is uneven, the CCD camera will automatically send the prompt information to the cloud App. At this time, the computer or mobile phone interface will display the warning information to effectively prevent the production of unqualified products.

Simultaneous White and full color

The coverage of color ink and white ink is very accurate, and there is no white edge. In addition, it has a wide color gamut and gradient color. The effect is excellent.

Bulk ink system

The continuous ink supply system uses an external ink bottle and a conduit to connect with the ink cartridge of the printer so that the ink bottle can continuously supply ink to the ink cartridge. The biggest advantage of the continuous ink supply system is that it is affordable. The price is much cheaper than the original ink.

Secondly, the ink supply is large, and it is convenient to add ink. Generally, the capacity of one color is 100ml, which is at least 5 times more than that of the original ink cartridge.

Front, middle, and rear heating devices

The worktable of the new generation DTF printer is equipped with heating devices in the front, middle and rear directions, which can ensure that the printed pattern becomes dry instantly.

EPSON PrecisionCore Printhead

PrecisionCore is the general name of thin film piezoelectric printhead technology. Epson developed this advanced achievement by combining its core inkjet technology and advanced micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) technology. In other words, PrecisionCore is an emerging technology that promotes the transformation of the inkjet printing industry.

PrecisionCore provides fast, high-quality printing at 600 x 1200 DPI. The core of this proprietary technology is the MicroTFP inkjet printing MEMS chip. It is a digital chip that can be assembled into two, four, or more arrays as required. Each MicroTFP chip prints one color and can print ink droplets on the micron-level object(equivalent to 1 / 100 of a human hair). It is this focus on precision and detail that enables PrecisionCore to provide excellent image quality for various tasks.

PrecisionCore printing technology only needs to move the paper and keeps the print head stationary. It ensures stable image quality of different batches of products while it keeps high-speed printing.

SUBLISTAR mainboard

Different from the mainboard functions of other companies, the one independently developed by Sublistar can provide customized functions according to the needs of customers.

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