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2021 Selecting the DTF Printer of Sublistar Is a correct decision?

2021 Selecting the DTF Printer of Sublistar Is a correct decision?

Have to empty, 2021 is also a year of hardship. New crown epidemics from 2019 continue to 2021 have been updated to replace several waves. The epidemic is threatening the safety of life and property of the world.

The food and clothing is still the basic issue of the masses of the masses. Sublistar’s DTF Printer is a machine that is mainly used for clothing. It is also a very popular machine for the last two years. One advantage of the DTF Printer is that the printing clothing is not limited, whether it is cotton, blend or polyester, etc., can be transferred. This avoids thermal lifting prints and DTG Printer can’t print the defects of all materials.

Many times, life is forced, there will be many unnecessary expenses. Stable or unstable wages are difficult to take on their own expenditure. Then you have a point in a place in amateur or an increase in business, you can reduce your own burden. And excess time is used to make money, there is no time to spend money. DTF Printer can help you implement this. DTF Printer is currently three specifications here, 300mm, 600mm, 1200mm, respectively. Because DTF Printer is quite good recently, it will receive feedback from many customers. The machine is very good if there is a 420mm specification machine is better. Considering the use of the customer, we decided to launch the production of the specification later.

DTF Printer

If you have not tried DTF Printer before, I just try to invest in, buy a small machine and go back to see how print quality. Fully possible, first of all, our 300mm DTF Printer does not take space. Further, configure a computer, connect the corresponding DTF Printer to function properly. We have a lot of 300mm DTF Printer. But the most popular still is still the top DTF-mini300Promax. With its red and white host color, it is a high-quality component and superior detail processing. Stable print, the printed pattern of the output PET film is perfectly transferred on the desired transfer.

The most important thing is that DTF Printer is the advantage of other printing methods that its simple operation and no need to participate in people. Compared to screen printing, hot rising printing, screen printing requires a platelet, making a lot of cumbersome steps such as Philippine. This printing method is only suitable for the factory and has long orders.

Our DTF Printer is mainly suitable for undertaking small bulk orders. You can also undertake custom orders. We can provide our customers with sample pictures for customers to choose from. You can also choose your design pattern yourself, we transfer it to the clothes he needs to transfer. We transferred costumes with T-shirts, denim tops and jeans, sweaters, hats, canvas bags, canvas shoes, socks, etc.

So you can flexibly order. Including the customization of some group clothing, such as a class in graduation season, built-in clothing of major companies, or the tooling required for some companies. These can be completely completed through a small DTF PRinter. Of course, in addition to having a DTF-Mini300Promax, you still need a hot press. Print the design pattern and place the T-shirt on the hot press platform. Set the time and temperature of the hot press to 15 seconds and 165℃. Take the T-shirt on the tablet and cover it flat. The PET film with the design pattern is then printed, and it is placed on the cloth. Want to put in the middle of your clothes or on the left or on the right, according to your clothes habits and personal hobbies.

DTF Printer

Many people have to perform the first washing after the printing clothing is taken back. Many people ask our clothes going back to fade, will the pattern fall? This doesn’t have to worry about, our machines and supporting supplies will maintain the original stable quality and continuously strengthen their quality. We have printed with a black T-shirt, first use laundry solution soaking, and after hand washing test, it is found that the pattern is not affected. After the washing test, we were placed in the washing machine. After the washing machine was cleaned, it took it out, still found that clothes did not have any difference in addition to wet, and dry. The laboratory’s data has been printed in our DTF Printer, which can reach 4A-level water-washing, almost 40-50 water was washed. In accordance with our clothes habits and cleaning time intervals, it is almost 1-2 years.

When the machine is running every day, pay attention to protect its nozzle. Remember to wash in the schedule. Strictly follow our technical requirements, otherwise, a one-step mistake will affect the normal use of the machine, and it will not be charged. Because the price of DTF Printer is not so cheap. So it will have a stable print quality. So, choose Sublistar’s DTF Printer as your entrepreneurial, will be a very correct decision.

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