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Ultimate Gift Guide for 2023 Christmas & 2024 New Year & How to Make

Sending special, personalized and exclusive gifts to family members, friends, colleagues in holiday will make you impressive.

For example, people usually begin to prepare Christmas gifts for their family and friends at the end of November or the beginning of December and send to each other on Christmas Eve or the morning of Christmas day.

Though most people look forward to Christmas very much, there is still someone has no idea what presents to friends. Compare to spend time to choose gift online or in store, why not to DIY Christmas & New Year gift?

Here is how to DIY popular & impressive gift for 2023 Christmas Day and 2024 New Year, with most creative Christmas gift patterns:

How Many Days Until Christmas?


Christmas, one of the most important festivals in west countries, is in the 25th of December. The night before Christmas is called Christmas Eve. Christmas will be incomplete without sending gifts.

To prepare personalized special Christmas gifts, it’s better to: understand the popular types of gift, have an idea to choose the suitable equipment and find unique creative patterns for holiday.

What Are The Most Popular Christmas Gifts?

According to the world wide data, 4 most popular Christmas gifts are Christmas cards, Christmas lights, Christmas cloths and Christmas decorations.

Most Popular Christmas Gift: Christmas Card

Christmas card is undoubtedly the most bought and given gifts. Actually, sending Christmas cards is a traditional custom in the western countries, which can be traced back to the 19th century. For people, the greeting card is not only a festival gift, but also a way to express their love and gratitude. They will write warm words or paste beautiful stickers on the cards.

There are numerous Christmas cards in the market. Recent years, the most favored patterns are Christmas tress, cute, funny or other patterns.

Besides purchasing Christmas cards directly from stores or online, some young people are fond of customizing personalized cards. They want to become different, leaving deep impression on their friends or family. So, is it difficult to make a unique Christmas card? The answer is no. UV flatbed printer is a very easy way to DIY distinct Christmas card.

Another Popular Christmas Gift: Christmas Light

Since Christmas eve is in the night of a dark and cold winter, people tend to use Christmas lights to decorate their house and Christmas tree to create joy and warmness. 

There are many beautiful lights of different colors for different atmosphere. When it comes to choose Christmas lights, there are so many options, therefore, you need know what atmosphere you want to create and suits your home best. 

For example, white lights will bring your home a warm and welcome feeling. Green lights will give your home a classic and elegant look. Yellow lights will create a warm and festive atmosphere. Some people prefer lights of multi-colors, making their home unique and eye-catching.

Most Popular Christmas Gift to DIY: Christmas Clothes

In addition to send Christmas gifts, people will also wear clothes with Christmas patterns to celebrate the festival. You will see the big smiles on kids’ faces when they receive new Christmas clothes.

In fact, producing and DIY Christmas pattern clothes is not complicated. Methods like DTF printing, puff printing and flocking printing are common ways to make clothes. Among all the clothes, Christmas sweater, Christmas pajamas and Christmas socks are the most selected clothes as gifts.

Christmas Sweater - Everyone's Choice

Sweaters of holiday patterns are the most popular Christmas clothes. Holiday patterns look warm and cozy, which are very suitable for the Christmas atmosphere. In fact, the warm and cozy sweaters are also very suitable for New Year atmosphere. Besides, New Year is near Christmas. Therefore, preparing gifts together will save your time.

Ugly Christmas Sweater - For a Fun Christmas

Ugly Christmas sweater does not really mean sweater looking ugly, but funny sweaters. This type of sweaters is usually in dark or light red, white or green with a Christmas related pattern on it like snowman, reindeer or glycogen. A good performing DTF printer can complete the print-on-cloth job easily.

Christmas Pajamas - Kid's Favourite

Christmas pajamas are kids’ favourite as the pajamas are usually very cute. When at home, kids can wear warm pajamas, running here and there.

Christmas Socks

Christmas socks are essential parts in Christmas. In the traditional story, kids will place Christmas socks on the bedside. And at night, Santa Claus will put gifts in the socks. Hence, when kids wake up in the morning, they will receive surprising gifts. In current days, kids will get the gifts from their family.

Popular Christmas Decorations: can be seen everywhere

Christmas decorations are also necessities to create holiday festive atmosphere. Whether in home, yard, market, car, office or other places, you will find various Christmas decorations. We have prepared some amazing decoration ideas for you to choose from.

4 Popular Outdoor Christmas Decorations

  • Large Christmas Santa Claus doll. Placing one in the yard is very interesting and attractive.

  • Shining star lights. Hang them on the door, outdoor window or the yard fence. You can keep the lights until the end of New Year. 

  • Christmas wreath, which is classic decoration.You can use it year after year.

  • Large red door bow, bringing strong holiday festive to your home. Except Christmas, it can also be utilized for New Year.

Large Christmas Santa Claus doll
Shining star lights
Christmas wreath
Large red door bow

4 Vintage Christmas Decorations

  • Vintage ornaments wreath. Use your vintage ornaments to make a wreath of traditional feel.

  • Mini nutcracker dolls. The Nutcracker is a traditional ballet set on Christmas Eve. Placing some mini nutcracker dolls will definitely put a smile on your kid’s faces.

  • Vintage citrus garland. Garland, consisted of dried fruit, is the original Christmas tree decoration. Hence, making a dried orange garland brings some vintage feeling to your home.

  • Red truck pillow. A red truck image has often been used in recent holiday seasons as it represents warmth and family union. So putting some pillows of red truck image on it is a good decoration idea. If you happen to own one DTF printer, you can make ones by yourself. This video How to print onto pillow with DTF Printer? will show you the process.

Vintage ornaments wreath
Mini nutcracker dolls
Vintage citrus garland
Red truck pillow

4 Office Christmas Decorations

DIY unique Christmas gift and place in office or present to your peers and leaders will definitely make you special, the most common 4 decorations in office for Christmas are:

  • Christmas mugs. Mugs with Christmas images are not only wonderful perfect Christmas gifts but also suitable office decorations. You can use the UV DTF printer to print some specially designed images, for example, combining your company logo with Christmas patterns together on the mugs. It is also a good idea to print some mugs as New Year gifts.

  • Small Christmas tree. Limited by the space, you can place one small Christmas tree in the office to add festive atmosphere.

  • Paper snowflakes. Snowflake is an iconic pattern of Christmas. Hanging some paper snowflakes on the wall will help create holiday spirit.

  • Christmas pattern stickers. You can also choose to paste different kinds of Christmas pattern stickers on the wall, windows or the door to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas mugs
Small Christmas tree
Paper snowflakes
Christmas pattern stickers

4 Christmas Home Decorations Most People Choose

  • Home Christmas tree. Christmas without home Christmas tree is not complete. You can buy a real dried tree or fake tree to place at home, hanging something like disco ball, jingle bells, socks, cards and other small  pendants on it.

  • Christmas carpet. Imagine that when you come back home opening the door and see the carpet, how warm and cheerful you will feel. A high performance sublimation printer is one of the most suitable equipment to customize your own Christmas carpet.

  • Cup-mat with Christmas patterns. Patterns like snowflake, snowman, disco ball are all classic Christmas theme patterns. You can put some cup-mats of these patterns on the dinning desk. If you do not want to buy cup-mat, try to personalize customized cup-mats by using UV flatbed printer.  

  • Christmas candle & candle holder. Christmas Eve is also a family union evening. People will gather together and enjoy rich dinner. Lighting candles on this evening will always be touching.

Home Christmas tree
Christmas carpet
Cup-mat with Christmas patterns
Christmas candle & candle holder

How to make & DIY Christmas gifts

It is not complicated to DIY Christmas gifts with the help of inkjet digital printers. If you own a printing business or printing, or even factory, you can also take on this service to cover more customers in your region and increase your revenue.

Don’t want to be mediocre? Here’s how to make a impressive Christmas gift.

DIY Christmas Cards in A Minute: UV Flatbed Printer

There is no better way than to use UV flatbed printer to DIY Christmas cards. One UV flatbed printer can batch process: print several Christmas cards together at one time. All you need to prepare is enough empty cards and creative patterns you want to print.

Video: DIY Christmas Card by UV Flatbed Printer

As the video explains, a Christmas card print by UV flatbed printer could even has different touch feeling and texture. It is convenient to print New Year cards too as the UV flatbed printer can print more than one cards at one time.

The Best Way to Make Christmas T-shirt & Cloths: DTF Printing

DTF printing is a well-known printing technique that uses DTF printer to print patterns on fabrics. Because DTF printing is unlimited by fabrics or colors, it is the perfect method to make Christmas T-shirts, sweater or other clothes.

Read Ultimate Guide to Choose Best T-Shirt Printer [Updated] if you are unfamiliar with DTF printer,

DTF printer has different sizes. According to the amount of clothing, you can choose the most suitable DTF printer. For producing gifts only for your family and friends, you can choose A3 desktop DTF printer. 60cm DTF printer is better for middle size businees. If you own a printing factory for mass production, you had better choose 1.2m DTF printer.

Besides DTF printing, puff printing and flocking printing can also be utilized to produce Christmas gift clothes to give 3D and plush look of the patterns.

Video: DIY Christmas Clothes by DTF Printer

As detail shows in the following video, printing Xmas patterns and images onto all kinds of clothes are easily done by high performance DTF printer, even for baby.

The Most Easy Way to DIY Cups & Mugs for Christmas: UV DTF Printing

When it comes to DIY cups or mugs, the easiest way is to use UV DTF printer. You can send the customized cups or mugs as New Year gifts too.

Video: DIY Sticker by UV DTF Printer

The general process to make DIY sticker by UV DTF printer is fairly simple, only 4 steps to have your own customized sticker onto any firm or hard surface object:

  • Firstly, design the patterns on the computer.
  • Secondly, print the patterns by UV DTF printer.
  • Thirdly, cut off the stickers.
  • At last, paste the stickers on the cups or mugs.

Inspiring Patterns, Images and Ideas for 2023 Christmas

SUBLISTAR’s professional designers have prepared the following patterns for you to create a wonderful Christmas!

According to patterns

  • 4 surprising Christmas patterns with Christmas tree
  • 4 Christmas patterns that Children favourite
merry Christmas printing idea
  • 4 creative patterns that suit Christmas clothes
  • 4 cute and funny Christmas patterns

According to color

  • 2 pink Christmas patterns
  • 2 black Christmas patterns
  • 2 red Christmas patterns
  • 2 green Christmas patterns
  • 2 blue Christmas patterns
christmas blue pattern

Creative Patterns, Images and Ideas for 2024 New Year

SUBLISTAR prepared the following patterns for you to choose for 2024 New Year too.

Download Printing Patterns for 2023 Christmas & 2024 New Year

Choose the Best Equipment for DIY Christmas Gifts

As explained in above content, choose the suitable printer for making & DIY holiday gifts are one of the most important step. Not limited by Christmas gifts, a printer is able to be applied to New Year gifts or other holiday’s gifts.

  • DTF printer can print onto any kinds of fabrics, such as T-shirt, sweater, as a result, it’s best for customize Christmas clothes, pillow and etc.
  • UV DTF printer can work to print onto any hard or firm surface for different shapes, as a result, if you would like to have DIY mugs, cups for Christmas, it’s the best choice.
  • UV flatbed printer can directly work onto smooth, flat, hard surface, it’s the no-second choice to product cup-mat with popular patterns.
  • Sublimation printer is the best friend if you would like to have your own carpet no matter where it will be placed.

If you are still uncertain which is the most suitable equipment, leave your comment or reach us out, we are here for you.

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