24inch dtf printer

24 inch Direct to Film(DTF) Printer

DTF Printer for DTF Printing System
Suitable for Model DTF-60series


The DTF printer is configured with the robust and reliable Epson I3200 engine (dual printhead included!) for high-capacity output and utmost efficiency. It can produce durable and intense color prints. If you are looking for top-notch and affordable DTF printers to meet your batch printing needs, Sublistar is your best choice.

Advantages of Sublistar DTF Printer

If you are looking for top-notch and affordable DTF printers to meet your batch printing needs, Sublistar is your best choice.


Advanced White Ink Circulation System

The white ink circulatory system prevents sediment causing the nozzle to be blocked. Automatic warning when lack of ink, reduces losses for empty printing.

Ink System Built-in Heater

The built-in heater enhances the printing area, which can achieve better ink adhesion and curing at low temperatures and avoid ink bleeding.

High-quality machine board

Injecting strong and stable power into printing makes it last longer with more stable quality.

High-quality Printouts

It's perfectly aligned with the white color. Its excellent color performance makes it vibrant and durable.

Technical Specifications

ItemDTF Printer 
Print Resolution450dpi.540dpi.600dpi.720dpi.1080dpi.1440dpi 
VoltageAC110V(±10%)50/60HZ; AC 220V(±10%)50/60HZ 
EnvironmentTemperature : 15°C~25°C          Humidity : 35%RH-65%RH 
Speed4Pass  10m/h
Ink SortWater-based paint ink
Supply SystemConstant pressure automatic cycle automatic cleaning ink supply system
Heating Unitpre/print/post heater
Process PathFeeding in Through Top of Drum
Transfer InterfaceUSB 2.0 HIGH-SPEED
Machine Dimensions2025MM*1000MM*1450MM

Machine Details

1. Solve the picky problem of direct-injection printing fabrics with unlimited material transfer.

2. There’s no need to worry about color deviation and fastness.

3. There is no need to cut and discharge waste; it is naturally hollowed out and ventilated.

4. Its short cycle time and quick delivery enable it to overcome the limitations of the traditional plate-making color printing process. It can eliminate the need to wait for digital output plate-making production.

5. High-cost performance, without high equipment and rent investment, you can have an office and home-type heat transfer factory.


Below are examples of DTF printers, inks, pretreat powder, and accessories offered to


DTF Powder

DTF Textile Ink

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Buying any Sublistar DTF machine, you will get a DTF Supplies bundled package valued at $300 for free, including 100m DTF film, 5kg DTF powder, 1 set of DTF inks, and A RIP software. Click to know more.