9 Kinds of SUBLISTAR DTF Printing Films

SUBLISTAR DTF Printing Films  Compared with the traditional printing process, DTF printing integrates image printing, adding hot-melt powder, drying, and transferring patterns. It is fast in printing and flexible in order handling.  More and more firms engaged in the garment printing business like this technique. The patterns printed by this process have bright colors and high color fastness. The workload completed by a person operating a device is equivalent to the achievement of a team operating a traditional one.

SUBLISTAR’s equipment is constantly updated, and its printing art remains at the forefront of the industry. More than that, the printing film matched with the printing skill is also of the highest quality.

Now, let me tell you about the 9 kinds of DTF printing films commonly used in the SUBLISTAR DTF printing process.

Mattee film

The common size of mattee film is 30cm / 60cm / 120cm * 100m, A3 and A4. The surface of this film is smooth and clean. Their thickness is 90 μ m, with a strong ink absorption capacity.

The color of the pattern, which is produced in this kind of film, is realistic and complete, with no halo. When the clothes are stretched, the pictures are not easy to crack. In addition, the feel of the design is softer than that of the general colloidal pattern (30-50% softer than that of the pattern printed by the oil-based coating film).

This kind of DTF printing film can adapt to most inks on the market and is not easy to cause problems such as ink flow.

You can use this film to easily print beautiful patterns on T-shirts, hats, shorts, pants, cloth bags, banners, and other fabric items.

Note: please do not set the temperature of the heat press too high or press the pattern for too long.

Glitter film

Adding pearlescent powder to the surface of the printing film. According to the optical principle, under the irradiation of sunlight, it can show flash points, which are dazzling.

Because of its characteristics, the glitter film makes the ornaments bright and colorful.

Patterns printed with the film are glittering and beautiful. The clothes are elegant and classy.

Fluorescent film

Fluorescent color is a very eye-catching color. In the clothing industry, designing fluorescent color images is a challenge to many designers because of their high saturation. However, as long as the design is novel and cute, adding fluorescent colors is the most effective way to show a unique design. In particular, while the fluorescent patterns match with white clothes, the strong color contrast will be unforgettable.

Golden DTF printing film

The gold glittering powder is evenly applied to the surface of the transfer film. When the machine prints pictures on the film, the image, and the gold powder are perfectly combined. Cut out the designs you want to transfer to the clothes and print them on garments with a heat press. In this way, the patterns on the clothes have a glittering effect. The golden powder is evenly distributed, and the image looks natural and beautiful.

Silver DTF printing film

The high-quality printing film is covered with silver glittering large sequins. The sequins are uniformly coated on the film. Seeing the pattern on the clothes, the silver sequins sparkle, setting off the whole pattern beautifully. Wearing clothes with this image, other people can’t help but look at you enviously.

Breathable DTF printing film

Usually, if the DTF printed pattern exceeds a certain size, the colloidal picture will affect the air permeability of the clothes. Customers will feel stuffy when wearing such clothes in summer, which will affect the feel of cotton clothes. SUBLISTAR’s breathable film solves this problem well. The patterns printed on the breathable film are not different in color brilliance, but the film can make the transferred patterns feel comfortable,  greatly improving the permeability of the designs.

Tear in seconds DTF film

The biggest feature of this film is that after the heat press prints pictures on the clothes, the operator does not have to wait for the temperature of the clothes to drop before tearing the film. You can tear off the DTF printing film immediately after the heat press completes the pressing task, which greatly saves time and does not affect the pattern effect.

Colorful DTF printing film

The colorful DTF  printing film has characteristics of bright colors and dazzling brightness. The application of this new technology has subverted the traditional understanding of reflective products. Nowadays, it is gradually popular in fashion fields such as clothing and backpacks. The design and production process is innovative, and the pictures containing magic colors and reflections will become an important element of the future trend.

Thermochromic film

This new material can control the transformation of color by using the change in temperature. The color of the design can change from one color to another in an instant.

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