A Business Opportunity You Can’t Miss! Using UV and DTF Printer to Make Animation Film Peripheral Products

Since Paramount launched the film Transformers, Toy Transformers have become popular all over the world, and its derivatives income(clothing, shoes and hats, decorative paintings, and other business) has greatly exceeded the box office income of the film. The successful cases of Disney first producing movies and then harvesting fans’ wallets through IP derivatives are too numerous to mention. Those licensed products of the company include toys, gifts, furniture, stationery, sporting goods, etc.


According to statistics, among the 50 most profitable IPs in the world, the first one is Pocket Monster, with a revenue of US $100billion, followed by Hello Kitty, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, Disney Princess, and so on. For animation films, derivatives and retail bear the premium of products to the greatest extent and are also the most direct and effective way to realize a handsome profit in the whole industry. After the release of Frozen, in addition to the box office,  clothing and toys, related to those characters, are the key to the company’s continued profitability. Dolls heroine Elsa sold $26million in the United States. The “Princess skirts” worn by Anna and Elsa sold a total of 3 million pieces in the United States, each of which sold for $149.95 – that is, Disney earned about $400million just by selling skirts, and its revenue contribution was almost the same as that of the North American box office of Frozen.


DTF heat transfer printing can transfer the graphics on various fabrics. DTF  can easily handle the printing of dark fabrics that are difficult to deal with by other means. Animation fans often provide their favorite patterns to businesses and want workers to print them on T-shirts, sweaters, hats, etc. So, an intelligent DTF printer is a necessary tool.

UV printer is also called “universal printer”, which can meet the needs of personalized customization. UV flat-panel printer can achieve almost all the patterns you want to express. Those works can be directly modified on the computer and can be printed and produced until the customer is satisfied. In terms of color, whether it is colorful or gradient, it can be easily done, and the printed pattern is precise and has a distinct sense of hierarchy, which can be comparable to photos. UV printer is a powerful tool for businesses to handle orders.

Remember the Coca-Cola Super Bowl advertisement in 2016?  The cartoon image is matched with cola, and the record of drinking cola is refreshed in 3 hours.

Fans hope to print their beloved superheroes on T-shirts, bags, mobile phones, and some trinkets. From logo to character, they hope the brilliant design will be matched with the image of superheroes. If you can show the cartoon characters perfectly on the objects, the fans’ wallets are yours then.

Marketable commodities



Mouse pad

Mobile phone shell


Hello Kitty is very popular with girls

Potentialities of the market

In China, a market with a large consumer group, the reason why the animation derivatives business has not developed is that the main force of consumers has not formed a consumption habit about such products. They usually go home after watching the film. The second reason is that businesses have not realized the potential of this market. Many businesses’ IP derivatives have done badly, which has hurt the brand image and the fans who like it. However, as the new movie-watching groups of the post-90s, post-00s, and even post-10s gradually become the main forces, their consumption concept cultivated by animation culture will gradually take shape.

It is a sign that the total amount of crowdfunding for derivatives of the popular film Monkey KingHero Is Back exceeds 12 million yuan. Universal Studios in Beijing has seven theme areas, including Harry Potter, Transformers, Kung Fu Panda, Jurassic Park, and so on. In September 2021, Universal Beijing Resort officially opened for trial operation. There are 16 stores selling movie-related products in the scenic spot, and 7 stores related to Harry Potter. A college robe with the school logo is more than 800 yuan, and a matching scarf is more than 200 yuan.

It can be said that most of the time, the reason why fans buy favorite IP derivatives is not simply a commercial behavior, but fans express their feelings about their favorite IP in another way. Fanatical fans are the most loyal consumers, and their directional consumption has the potential to create brilliant economic benefits.

In the production of animation peripheral products, SUBLISTAR can provide excellent equipment to support one-stop solutions for a large number of applications. UV-STAR III Flatbed Printer can meet the personalized demands of customers. DTF MINI450I is a new generation of the digital revolution, which can print high-quality graphics and then transfer them to T-shirts, knapsacks, hats, etc.

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