24inch DTF printer

A comprehensive introduction to the latest 24inch DTF printer of SUBLISTAR

DTF printing is one of the most popular digital printing methods in the market. In order to keep up with the trends and remain competitive, SUBLISTAR recently upgraded their 24inch DTF printer with the latest generation of DTF powder shaker.

SUBLISTAR 600 series Star-IV DTF printer is a top-end DTF printer of high efficiency and low maintenance, which can satisfy distinctive printing needs:factory production, personalized customization, fluorescent multi-color printing and more. This passage will make a comprehensive introduction to the upgraded 24inch DTF printer( 600 series Star-IV DTF printer & shaker).

Professional features of 600 series Star-IV DTF printer

Equipped with EPSON I3200 printheads.

EPSON I3200 printhead is of higher jetting frequency than XP600. This offers better color saturation, faster and more accurate printing.

SUBLISTAR provides 2/3/4 printheads for you to choose from.

MPM(Multi-Printer Manager)

MPM enables one computer to manage multiple printers, helping workers to control machine production more quickly and further improving production efficiency.

Print Head Heating Available

Ink damper with external heating and carriage plate that releases heat, ensuring normal operation of printer in an environment with significant temperature fluctuation and guaranteeing the ink’s good fluidity during the printing process.

Advanced Paper Pass System

Motor-controlled paper travel and industrial-grade platen rollers increase the stability and reliability of the printing process and prevent creasing and other printing-related problems.

sublistar dtf paper pass system
White Ink Filtration & Circulation System

This design is to prevents ink deposits from clogging the printhead, extending the life of the printhead.

Integrated Permanent Purifier

Built-in permanent purification filter, no need to replace. It can absorb the waste smoke and process in the purifier directly, which benefits the environment.

sublistar dtf purify system

Unique feature of 600 series Star-IV DTF printer

Nozzle Online Recovery Technology

This technology is designed to prevent nozzle from clogging including 4 functions:

  1. Timing Nozzle Cleaning – Support automatic nozzle cleaning at regular intervals. when the printer is online, it automatically loads ink and cleans automatically.
  2. Automatic Nozzle Moisturizing – The ink pad will automatically fill with moisturizing liquid every once in a while to prevent the ink on the surface of the print head from drying out and blocking the nozzles.
  3. Automatic Ink Flash -The ink circulates automatically in the closed chamber and is ejected from the nozzle according to the settings to keep the nozzle unobstructed.
  4. Nozzle Compensated – When there are discontinuous lines and blank areas, the nozzle will spray again to fill up the missing areas and solve the missing printing problem.
sublistar dtf nozzle recovery system

Advantages of 600 series Star-IV DTF printer

More efficient. 24’’ print format design makes scale production possible. In addition, 600 series Star-IV DTF printer has the function that people can control more than one printers only by one computer, helping save time and labor cost.

Vibrant color. 600 series Star-IV DTF printer offers an expanded range of ink types including fluorescent ink like fluorescent pink and fluorescent yellow, greatly meeting diverse needs of color.

Super stability. Nozzle clogging technology makes this DTF printer more stable as it effectively prevents nozzle clogging problem. It also reduces maintenance time. You do not worry about frequent nozzle clogging and long maintenance time.

Humanitarian design. SUBLISTAR adds insulation to curing oven, realizing rapid and constant temperature rise in the closed area. This not only reduces energy consumption but also prevents scalding workers. Besides, it also adds the anti-intrusion cover on the suction at the end of the shaker to prevents hair from being sucked in, especially providing protection when female workers collect the printed film.

Environmentally friendly. This DTF printer is equipped with integrated permanent purifier, which will absorb the smoke and process smoke in the purifier. This eco-friendly design will not pollute the environment.

Workflow of 600 series Star-IV DTF printer

  1. Design patterns on computer
  2. Print patterns
  3. Shake the powder and dry the film by powder shaker&oven
  4. Transfer the film to fabrics through heat press machine.
dtf printer workflow

Applications of 600 series Star-IV DTF printer

DTF printer enjoys endless possibilities of applications as it is not limited by any fabrics of any color. With the help of 600 series Star-IV DTF printer, you can produce T-shirt, blouse, bags, hats, shoes, jeans and other items.

dtf printer applications

Above all, SUBLISTAR 600 series Star-IV DTF printer is a cost-effective printer featuring many benefits, which will help start or expand your business a lot. If you are interested, please consult SUBLISTAR’s experts.

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