What We Do?

What We Do? Heat transfer printing, we use this technique, printing patterns on the clothes, flags, mugs, signs and other objects.

what we do

How can they be printed on?

Firstly, use a computer to deal with the picture, then use the digital inkjet printer to print it out. Finally, put the clothes or other bearings on the heat transfer machine, press it, then we get an excellent end product.

In the process of printing and transferring, the inkjet printer, sublimation transfer paper, dye sublimation ink and heat transfer machine that we use, we all provide.

 “One-stop sublimation printing solution” is our specialty. 

Inkjet Printer:

ORIC is our own brand of printer which possesses the characteristics of steady body, 3.2m maximum width, and 4 print heads.

We provide the following types:

  • Eco solvent series printer
  • UV hybrid series printer
  • Sublimation series printer
  • Textile series printer
  • Direct sublimation printer
  • UV series printer

Beyond that, we also agent some best known printer brands abroad. EPSON, MIMAKI, ROLAND, MUTOH.

Sublimation Transfer Paper:

We have our own sublimation paper factory which can provide you many kinds of sublimation transfer paper:

  • Industrial ultra-light sublimation paper: 45gsm/57gsm
  • Light-weight sublimation paper: 60gsm/65gsm/70gsm/75gsm
  • Economy quick dry sublimation paper: 87gsm/90gsm
  • Classic non sticky sublimation paper: 100gsm
  • High sticky sublimation paper: 100gsm
  • High-weight fast dry sublimation transfer paper: 120gsm
  • Jumbo reel size sublimation paper
  • A3/A4 sheet sublimation paper

Dye Sublimation Ink:

Sublistar is our own brand of dye sublimation ink. We provide both dispersed dye ink and solvent ink.

EPSON, MIMAKI, INKTEC, KIIAN, J-TEC and SENSIENT are our agent brands.

If you have some other needs, we can also negotiate. We will offer the best services.

Heat Transfer Machine:

We mainly provide roller heat transfer machine. And we have many different sizes of it.

And laser cutters, some softwares, etc. we all provide.

Please believe that our professional degree. Engaged in sublimation transfer printing industry for many years, we can provide the best advice for you.

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