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What Is UV Printer ? Know Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Ultraviolet LED Inkjet Printer, short as UV printer, is a machine that uses UV light to cure the special ink and then prints the patterns on substrates, the process is UV printing. Specific print principle of UV printer is that firstly, spray special UV ink to the surface of printed substrates. Secondly, solidify the ink and attach it to the printed substrates through the help of UV light. During this process, people can set the wavelength, strength and exposure time of UV light according to different substrates. 

Just as same as other digital printers like DTF printer, UV printer has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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Flatbed UV6090 Printer

Advantages of UV Printer

Printing Versatility of UV Printer
UV printer has a wide range of applications. You can find products made by UV printer in many industries, for example, home decoration, advertisement and personalized design. Substrates like wooden board, glass, crystal, PVC, acrylic, plastic, stone and leather are mostly used in UV printing industry. Whats more, printed images are of high quality and can show the details of original patterns well.

More Convenient Operation of UV Printer
Whether simple mono-color patterns or colorful patterns or patterns with transition color, UV printer can print directly, without need of producing versions. Also, it is easy and convenient to operate UV printer. And workflow of UV printer is as follows:
Step 1: Design the patterns on computer.
Step 2: Add the function of white ink jet hit to print control software
Step 3: Put substrates on the UV printer platform.
Step 4: Click on the button to start printing.

UV Printer can Realize Personalized Printing Needs
UV printer can meet people’s personalized needs at the largest degree. For producers, they can design and revise patterns on computer directly and then use UV printer to print the patterns. Additionally, printed patterns are of high resolution and clarity.

Patterns printed by UV Printer Are of Strong Durability
Due to the UV coating, patterns printed by UV printer are resistant to fading, stretching and water damage. Therefore, they can last for a long time.

advantages of UV printer

Disadvantages of UV Printer

High Cost of UV Ink
Because of the features of high resolution and fast drying, UV ink is of high cost. It is more expensive than other consumables like that of screen printing and flatbed UV printing. Apart from this, as white ink is of higher density, its cost is about twice the color ink.

Slower Printing Speed of UV Printer
Printing principle of UV printer is voltage ink spraying, which belongs to short version of digital printing. As a result, its printing speed is slower than traditional screen printing and offset printing.

UV Printer is Prone to Failure
To some extent, UV printer is not as stable as photo machine and carving machine. Also, people should take good care of the printhead and store the UV ink rightly as UV ink is poisonous.

UV Printer is Limited by Printing Surface
In terms of mode, UV printer belongs to flatbed printer. Therefore, if there is a slope in the surface of substrates, UV printer will not be able to print on it.


UV printer is of practical use in daily life as it has wide range of applications and can print on hard substrates. Except that, UV printer also guarantees printing quality. If you are interested in choosing one UV printer, click the button to ask for suggestions of Sublistar’s experts.


Do patterns printed by UV printer scratch?

The printing result of UV printer is of high quality as UV ink is resistant to fading, water damage and scratching. Therefore, the patterns will not scratch.

The UV flatbed machine can print on almost any flat material such as mobile phone cases, medals, packaging boxes, leather, wood, ceramics, promotional items, pvc, etc. With the jig, it can also be printed on curved surfaces, such as cups, golf balls, etc.

UV printers can print on many different substrates, including wood, plastic, ceramic, metal, leather, PET, acrylic, glass, etc.

UV printing uses special UV ink. It will be dry quickly under the shinning of UV light. So it does not need a heat press.

UV printers print on substrates directly while UV DTF printers print on AB films first, and then attach to the substrates. UV DTF printer is extended from UV printer to make up for the shortcomings of UV printing.This passage will help What’s the Difference Between UV Printer and UV DTF Printer?

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