Sign & Display

Sign & Display:

In the era of digital printing, trade shows, banners, flags, sign & display industries flourished.

sign and display

Sublimation printing brings a lot of benefits to the trade show industry:

Large images can display bright colors.

Sublimation is a dry printing process, so the fabric can be processed immediately after the printing project been completed. This is good for big trade shows because there is no confusion when dealing with larger items.

Durability is the greatest advantage of sublimation printing. Sublimation graphics can not be broken, can not be cracked or scratched. This means that the fabric can be rolled or folded into any desired shape and shipped.

The graphics can be gently recycled, cleaned, or even cleaned with carpet cleaners.

An exhibition pattern produced by photography, but because of its complex and varied colors, its shape and shadow can only be satisfied by sublimation printing.

Graphics absorb light rather than create a traditional photography or print effect on paper. Images have a greater impact on the audience, especially in larger color ranges. By sublimation printing, it can be used with backlighting to increase visibility.

Banners, flags, signs, and displays need to be printed at a faster rate, but their images are very large. Disperse dye ink can satisfy a larger range of colors, mixed colors of images.

Flags and banners, signs, and displays can be printed with transfer ink and direct printing ink.

sign and display sign and display  sign and displaysign and display

We recommend J-TECK ink.

J-TECK itself, J-Print HF direct printing ink, has greater anti UV performance, and the special design is very suitable for outdoor use.

J-TECK offers banner and banner for double – sided images.

EPSON, it is a special carrier for two-sided image design. The image can be printed on one side, but can be seen on the front and back. EPSON, as a lubricant, makes the dye easy to pass through. EPSON has a strong durability and can withstand any outdoor test.