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How to Avoid Possible Problems Before Ordering DTF Printer

DTF printing, one of the most advanced digital printing methods, is used to print patterns on various fabrics by DTF printer. Although DTF printer enjoys some unique advantages, it may also meet problems like other traditional digital printers. This passage will introduce how to avoid some possible problems in daily operation of DTF printer before ordering DTF printer. Taking the following factors into consideration will save your time of maintaining DTF printer.

Choose right nozzle

Choose appropriate and high-quality ink

Choose DTF film of reliable quality

DTF printer consumables

Choose right nozzle for DTF printer

Nozzle clogging is a serious problem in DTF printing process, not only leading to printing problem but also damaging DTF printer. Common solutions to solving this problem are using high-quality ink, keeping the nozzle clean and tidy, preventing ink penetration and etc. Actually, there is still an effective solution: choosing right nozzle before purchasing DTF printer.

If you are a small entrepreneurial business and have high requirements for color, and secondly for printing resolution, then the EPSON XP600 print head is the best choice because it can print 6 colors with smaller ink droplets. And the price is relatively moderate. It is the first choice of many start-ups. The XP600 at this time can be said to be the best alternative of its kind.

But if you have enough budget or want to expand your printing business, EPSON I3200 or EPSON I1600 is a better choice. The EPSON I3200 head boasts 3200 nozzles, a 600 dpi resolution, higher jetting frequency than DX5 and XP600. It also supports better color saturation, faster printing, and more accurate printing. Since the EPSON I1600 is the latest water-based print head of EPSON, it provides high productivity and high image quality with 600 dpi high-density resolution, meeting various customer needs, high durability, and prolonging the life of the printer and supports high drop printing up to 9mm at the same time.

Epson printhead

Choose appropriate and high-quality DTF ink

When it comes to order a DTF printer, you will avoidably need to buy DTF ink. It is vital for you to choose appropriate and high-quality DTF ink for the following reasons:

  1. High-quality ink will help prevent nozzle clogging problem. Low-quality ink will have Impurities, which will lead to printhead damage and blockage, bringing poor printing effect. When this happens, you will not only buy new DTF ink but also repair or renew printhead, greatly increasing economic burden. What’s more, if you happen to have urgent orders, It is very likely that you will face the risk of compensation for customers’ losses, affecting your reputation.
  2. Appropriate and qualified ink will reduce ink bleeding problems. Ink bleeding is a phenomenon that happens when the print patterns do not absorb all the ink on the film surface, and the rest ink will bleed on the edges of patterns. To avoid this problem, keep in mind that choose appropriate ink specially for DTF printing and do not use too much ink in printing process. In addition, ink of inferior quality will also cause ink bleeding.
  3. Ink of good quality will also guarantee the durability. As a necessary consumable in DTF printing, DTF ink plays an important role in ensuring long-lasting prints. To ensure the best printing result and strong durability, take care no using ink of poor quality.

Choose DTF film of reliable quality

DTF film is a professional PET film specially designed for DTF printing. Defective DTF film will not only impair printhead but also influence the printing effect. For example, using inadequate DTF film will cause ink mixing, ink flowing, powder residue, becoming yellow and wrinkle in the process and other bad results. Therefore, keep the following 6 factors in mind before choosing DTF film. Then you will buy the most suitable DTF film.

  • Ink-absorption Capacity
  • Coating Layer
  • Powder Shaking Effect
  • Release Effect
  • Storage Capacity
  • High Temperature Resistance

Or you can check this passage, How to Choose the Best DTF Film? The Ultimate Guide. It will tell more about how to choose qualified DTF film.

To conclude, choose suitable nozzle, standard ink and superior DTF film will reduce the probability of meeting problems in DTF printing. However, regular maintenance of DTF printer is also vital. Everything You Must Know about Maintaining DTF Printers will tell more.

If you meet problems in operating DTF printers, click the button to ask help of SUBLISTAR’s experts, who are professional in digital printing industry.

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