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Basic Knowledge of DTF Printing Machine Printhead

Due to environmental issues, ink accumulation on DTF printing machine printheads may occur on occasion; this situation will affect printing quality and print disconnection; if ink accumulation is severe, ink may drip onto print media, causing the finished picture to be scrapped. Today, Sublistar DTF printer factory will analyze the causes of ink accumulation in print heads and provide solutions to prevent such failures.
The phenomenon of ink accumulation on print heads is caused primarily by a layer of misty fine ink droplets on the print head’s surface, which results in frequent nozzle missing during printing. The main reason could be that the continuous ink supply system is too high, and the indoor temperature and humidity are different from the DTF shirt printer’s normal operating temperature.
For these reasons, there is no panacea on the market; however, by following the normal printing operation process and working carefully according to the working requirements of the DTF shirt printer, this type of problem can be avoided.

Daily care and maintenance of DTF printer nozzle:

DTF printhead

If the nozzle is not used for a long time in holidays, the DTF printer nozzle shall be taken out, and the nozzle shall be repeatedly cleaned with special cleaning liquid to ensure that there is no ink inside, and then packed with plastic bags.

At the same time, it is recommended to conduct printing test and normal cleaning before daily operation. When the printed color is uneven and unstable, clean it, darken it or the brightness is different. Please use the same settings to print the same data. And regular manual cleaning according to your use frequency.

It’s critical to protect your DTF printer from clogging and damage in advance of power outages or extended periods of downtime. Whether your power has already gone out or you expect extended downtime, follow these steps to protect your printhead until you’re ready to get back up and running.
Do the working place still have power? You need to flush, cap, and store the DTF printing machine.
If you still have power but expect to lose it in the next few hours, we suggest that you have to flush and cap your DTF printer until use it again. This is because, without power, your printer will be unable to perform the regular auto-maintenance required to prevent clogging and machine damage.

To avoid potential damage to your printer, flush it and place it in a safe “storage” mode.
1. Using cleaning solution cartridges, flush the printer.

2. After flushing, you need to make sure printer’s weekly maintenance routine, cleaning the print head nozzle plate and the maintenance station.

3. Cap the printer as described in the following section. This keeps the print heads moist and prevents them from drying out or clogging. This is the state in which your printer will remain until power is restored.

4. Unplug the power cord and turn off the printer using the rear switch.

5. You can reinstall your ink cartridges once your power is restored.

Last but not the least: Remember to remove the print head cap before turning on the printer. Before resuming production, perform a nozzle check and any head cleans required to restore the nozzles in your printer.
Is there no power? Protect Your DTF Print Head

If you’ve already lost power, you need to use a cap to keep your print head moist and prevent it from drying out and clogging. The following are the steps for capping your printer:
Manually release the print head by aligning the maintenance station’s arrows.
Roll up a lint-free wipe (trim it if necessary) and insert it into the maintenance station’s moisturizing cap. Repeat for the remaining four caps.
Saturate the lint-free wipes with cleaning solution using a syringe.
Attach the cap to the nozzle plate of the print head.

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