The Importance of Work Stability of Large Format Inkjet Printer

The printing accuracy and printing speed of the device is import to large format inkjet printer. But many people ignore the very important point – the stability of the printer printing. Large format inkjet printers can achieve a good printer by achieving quality, speed and stability.

wide format inkjet printer

The stability of wide format inkjet printers is inseparable from the cooperation of various high-quality accessories, and high-quality accessories can support the high-quality printing of the entire equipment. For our printers, the whole machine uses high-quality accessories, such as Japan THK silent linear guide, Germany igus ink chain, US imported fluorine rubber pressure roller, Lei Sai brushless integrated motor, etc., to ensure quality and performance from the details, Strive to make the whole machine print more stable. Our wide format inkjet printers use an industrial architecture for greater stability.

While many manufacturers are still pursuing speed, the concept of the our large format inkjet printer has been transformed into an overall balance of quality, speed and stability. More and more users are measuring a device, and they are no longer only looking at speed, but also chasing quality, stability, service, reliability and so on.

large format inkejt printer

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