Why Large Format Inkjet Printers Occur Ink Dropping Phenomenon?

The phenomenon of ink drop is that the large format inkjet printer has ink droplets dripping on the output medium during the printing and output process. I believe many users have encountered this kind of problem, I don’t know how you solved it.

The following are the causes and solutions for the ink drop phenomenon in wide format inkjet printers:

large format inkjet printer

1.The viscosity of the ink

Some inks have a low viscosity and are highly fluid. There will also be dripping, but there are fewer problems. If your machine currently has this phenomenon, it is recommended to change the ink with a slightly higher viscosity.

2.Electrostatic factors

After entering the winter, the temperature in each region is generally low, the precipitation is small, and the workshop needs heating. As a result, the indoor air is dry and the humidity is far below the standard required by the equipment (40%-60%), so the static electricity is waiting for the machine. It becomes an important factor in this phenomenon, because the air itself is a natural electrostatic brush. The static electricity generated by the friction of the medium during the painting process needs to be removed from the air. If the humidity in your workshop is low, then it will appear. This phenomenon is not surprising. The solution is actually very simple. If you have the conditions, buy an industrial humidifier or electrostatic brush, or use a small sprayer to sprinkle some water in the workshop from time to time to make the humidity higher.

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