Large Format Inkjet Printers with Single or Double Print Heads, How Can We Choose?

Piezoelectric large format inkjet printers mostly use Epson fifth-generation piezo nozzles, and some use Epson seven-generation heads and ten generation heads. Epson fifth-generation piezo nozzles have higher printing accuracy and faster printing Epson DX-5 print headspeeds. And it has good stability and long life with better ink drop control technology. So the output image is more perfect, more refined, more beautiful. So since the piezoelectric large format inkjet printer for users, it has been developing rapidly and welcomed by users.

The double nozzle series piezoelectric ink-jet printer adopts dual nozzles to print at the same time. Compared with a single-head ink-jet printer, it is just on e more nozzle. At the same time, the relevant ink supply system is different from the ink stack, small frame, and the related control main board. It adopts double nozzles to print and output at the same time and the speed is fast. The theoretical speed is 2 times the printing speed of the single-head wide format inkjet printer. It has the advantages of speed and even higher speed.

At the same time, the price of double heads are more expensive than single head large format inkjet printers. In addition, the stability of single head large format inkjet printers may be slightly higher than that of dual head large format inkjet printers. After all, single-head large format inkjet printers have many years of technical experience. The related nozzle control technology is relatively mature. The machine is very stable and easy to maintain. If you do not have higher requirements for speed, choosing a single-head large format inkjet printer is best.

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