Tips for Quick Drying of Wide Format Printing Machine on Rainy Day

Nanjing is raining now. The rain not only brings inconvenience to people’s lives, but also brings trouble to the advertisement production of the wide format printing machine in the advertising spray painting industry. I believe that many friends have encountered that the picture-taking machine is drying slowly, print media material easily exposed to moisture and other issues under rainy environment. Today, let’s share with you about the maintenance of the wide format printing machine on rainy days.

wide format printing machine

For a few days of continuous rain, there will be small droplets of water in the air. The user of the large format printing machine should do well to prevent the moisture of the relevant printing materials. Many advertising shops or advertising printing companies store many spare printing materials with different materials. For example, printing cloths, photo papers, and other materials, especially paper materials. It should be stored with care. We can place them on the relevant shelves. They should be set high. Do not hold the walls, floors or windows as far as possible. These are easy to drop from the outside and easy to be dampened. The material that is not used should be packed by packaging box or plastic bag as far as possible. Then store them in a dry and humidity suitable room or warehouse. Besides, we should pay attention to the problem of flooding in low-lying areas.

sublimation printingIn addition to the storage of printing materials, it should also pay attention when printing pictures. In wet weather, the wide format printing machine will have some glitches in the print out of the picture. Ink Affected by the humidity of the weather, the viscosity, consistency and so on are all different. For example, the ink of the wide format printing machine output screen is very slow to dry, especially in the black part. Sometimes the screen is dry very slowly after output, and it takes a long time to dry out. So it affects the time of advertising production.

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