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Can I use Inkjet Paper in A Laser Printer?

Customized T-shirt printing has been in hot trend in printing industry and even more popular recently, many business owners and manufacturers plan to purchase inkjet transfer paper to print customized T-shirts, but what they use are laser printers now. So “Is inkjet transfer paper suitable for a laser printer” is one of the most asked question. Here are the explanations and answer.

What is inkjet transfer paper? How does inkjet printer works?

Sublimation inkjet transfer paper is a professional paper that is made use of exclusively in sublimation printing. It develops from printed water transfer, water stickers and water logo stickers and is able to be applied to inkjet printers, water-based dyes and pigment ink printing (ordinary ink printing). Printed image is clear and of bright color, realistic effect and better adhesion. The printing range is very extensive, and printing on the surface of various materials of the rules or curved items can be finished in a high -precision level.


Application of inkjet transfer paper

There are nearly no restrictions to the application as long as the product is constructed from polyester or has been covered with it.

According to material, inkjet transfer paper can be applied to polyester fiber, metal, wood, plastic, bamboo-ware, crystal, glass and more.

According to industry, it can be applied to daily-use products, decoration, gifts and other industries.

Advantages of inkjet transfer paper

The images transferred from inkjet transfer paper are colorful, clear, softable, not fading, strong solid and water -resistant . Besides, inkjet transfer paper is also cost-effective and quick. That means you can produce large quantities of products in a short time period. For example, if you need to provide products for shops or markets in limited time, using inkjet transfer paper can ensure the quantities of products. With a sublimation printer you have the tool for producing elaborate motives in superb top quality.

Process of inkjet printers

  • The printer receives an image from a software.
  • The image will be transferred to the print head, which is a component that contains ink cartridge.
  • The print head is featured with thousands of holes. Under the action of pressure, ink in the ink cartridge will be squeezed into separate ink droplets.
  • The print head moves rapidly to distribute the ink droplets to the transfer paper, so as to create pattern.
  • When the ink bubble drops, it will create a vacuum cleaner, which attracts more ink from the ink box to enter the nozzle, ready to launch the next drop.
  • This process will be repeated until the printing is finished.

What is laser printer?

Laser printer is based on laser printing. Laser printer uses black or pink powder, not liquid water. It can cleverly manipulate the fixed power supply to paste the printer carbon powder on a piece of paper.

The advantages of later printer are:

  • No special paper required
  • Low printing cost
  • Printing speed is faster than inkjet printer

Laser printer working process

  • Charging: Electric halo coil (old printer) or the main charging shaft to project static electricity on the light feeling.
  • Exposure: The grating image processor (RIP) chip converts the image to a suitable grid image that can be scanned to the light drum.
  • Available: Then the light drum with hidden images passes through a very small plastic powder and black carbon powder or other color vectors. These electric pinks are attracted to the hidden image drawn by laser through static electricity.
  • Transfer: The light drum is pressed or rolled over the paper. The high-end machine uses a transfer rotor with positive electrical electricity on the back of the paper to attract the pink from the light drum to the paper.
  • Dingying: Paper with a high temperature (200 degrees Celsius) and a fixed shadow melting device with a large pressure, and the plastic powder is fixed to the paper.
  • Cleaning: When the printing process is over, a electrical neutral rubber blade is cleared from the light drum to the excess color powder to the garbage store, and the discharge lamp is removed to remove the remaining charge on the light drum.

Answer: inkjet transfer paper is NOT for laster printer

Is inkjet transfer paper suitable for a laser printer? Can i use inkjet transfer paper in a laser printer? The simple answer is: NO.

 If a pack of paper is identified for usage in an inkjet printer just, it should just be used in an inkjet printer. Utilizing “inkjet only” identified paper in a laser printer can really harm your laser printer.

As explained above, the process of inkjet printer and laser printer is totally different. Inkjet printers do specifically what their name indicates, they spray a jet of ink onto the paper as well as develop an image by using little dots of ink. A laserjet printer functions differently. Printer warmth printer toner which is a plastic powder. The powder thaws onto the web page in the form of the photo.

If you try to apply a heat transfer printed from a printer onto inkjet paper the warmth from the iron or warmth press can re-heat the toner to the point that it will remelt. The re-melted toner will certainly either smear or the picture might entirely ruin the transfer.

Now Sublistar has launched various transfer paper of high quality and low cost, suitable for different types of printers. Welcome to pick what you like.


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