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How to operate an 11’’ A3 DTF printer?

A3 DTF printer

Positive aspects of using an A3 DTF printer The A3 DTF printer powder shaking machine offers instant manufacturing capability for customised product customization, and many practical designs make the direct film printer generally welcomed by users in this modest but affluent…

DTF Printing VS Heat Transfer Vinyl, Which One Is Better?

heat transfer vinyl

For practically any design and substrate, heat transfer printing techniques have been available for a while and regularly produce good results. DTF printing VS heat transfer vinyl, both of them have recently revolutionized the market thanks to its adaptability, lower…

How to Choose DTF Powder?

DTF powder

The Classifications of DTF Powder Fine DTF Powder Particle sizes of 0–70 microns are considered fine DTF powder (like flour)Features: good hand feel, but fastness will be weak when air humidity is high, making it simple to adhere powder to…

DTF Printer VS DTG Printer, Which One Is Better?

If you’re new to the textile industry, you’ve probably heard of the latest technology, Direct to Garment Transfer and direct to film printer, commonly known as DTF printer vs DTG printer. However, the question remains as to why DTF technology…

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